🎥 Why People Buy: Video 1

🎥 Video 1
Why People Buy

Starting from the psychology of why people buy; it’s a known fact that people buy because of tension. When they feel tension between the current situation they find themselves in and the desired situation. Watch Daniel Priestley show you exactly why that’s important to understand and how to utilise your clients’ desired outcomes.

Why People Buy
Why People Buy

Video 1

Why People Buy

Video 2
Awaken Dormant Desires

Video 3
Score, Rank, Improve

Video 4
Logic, Emotion, Urgency


Video 5
Implementing the Formula

📋 Exercise 1

Desired Outcome

As you watch the first video think about the reasons why your clients buy from you.

Action: Around the 3 minute mark, pause the video, write down these three headings:


  1. Current Realty
  2. Desired Reality
  3. Obstacles & Criteria.


List out the Current Realty your customer or client is experiencing. Then list the Desired Reality they want, and finally the Obstacles & Criteria they experience. We will then build on this in the next video. 

The ultimate goal is if you can be clear in communicating your clients desired reality, this will create tension for those that haven’t achieved this end result already.


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