🎥 Awaken Dormant Desires: Video 2

🎥 Video 2
Awaken Dormant Desires

In the second video we explore the types of people who buy from you, differentiating between active buyers and dormant buyers.


Your dormant market will be a magnitude larger than the active market. Getting them from dormant to active requires a lightbulb moment 💡. 


Let us show you how that’s done.

Awaken Dormant Desires
Awaken Dormant Desires

Video 2
Awaken Dormant Desires

Video 3
Score, Rank, Improve

Video 4
Logic, Emotion, Urgency


Video 5
Implementing the Formula

📋 Exercise 2

Awaken Dormant Desires

After you’ve watched the video, get a pen and paper, or open your notes app.

First, list out the frustrations and niggles that your target market feel when they are dormant and not yet actively looking for your product or service. List our the issues they have and the problems they face in relation to your product and service.
Try and list at least 10.

Once you have this list, then select the most important 3 or 4 frustrations from that list.

Then for each frustration, write down the insights and pieces of information that can you share with the person feeling that frustration to articulate why they should go Dormant to Active.


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