🎥 Score, Rank, Improve: Video 3

🎥 Video 3
Score, Rank, Improve

Humans love to score, rank and improve and we are hard-wired to want to measure and improve things.

We know people gain great value from knowing which area of life they are at the moment and where your business will take them in the future.

In this part of the series we focus on understanding the area of life your business helps people to improve. And crucially how you measure where they are today and how you measure where they could be in 90 days, if they worked with you.

Score, Rank, Improve
Score, Rank, Improve

Video 3
Score, Rank, Improve

Video 4
Logic, Emotion, Urgency


Video 5
Implementing the Formula

📋 Exercise 3

Score, Rank, Improve

Tune into what your customers are trying to measure and improve


Write down what important areas of life or business does you product or service improve?


Write down what specific things does your business do that result in outcomes for your clients and customers that can be measured and improved?


Write down how might someone score themselves today if they wanted to improve that area of life in the next three months?


Is it possible to use a score out of 10, or would they be measured against a process you use, or perhaps another key measure of success?



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