Generate higher quality, higher converting leads.

Prospects are at the heart of business growth. SCORE enables you to understand each prospect as an individual, and follow up with personalised messaging.

The Future of Lead Generation

Score’s platform enables you to create branded scorecards that prospects complete on your website. 
The prospect answers a set of questions that you and our team collaboratively write together and design. 
They then get a personalised report based the answers given, and you get rich data to enable you to personalise your follow-up and marketing.

Step 1
Create your scorecard
Quickly and easily build a custom branded scorecard that’s integrated into your website. Write your questions, decide on question format, set it live.
Step 2
Prospects complete scorecard
Your prospects fill out the scorecard by answering the questions you’ve set. Upon completion they are automatically sent a custom PDF report full of valuable insight personalised to them based on their answers.
Step 3
Segment and Follow-up
Prospects who have completed your scorecard are segmented into categories based on their answers, enabling you to automatically follow up and run personalised marketing campaigns based on the data they’ve given you.
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Create beautifully optimised landing pages, stylised 
question formats and personalised PDF reports

Ask questions
Add questions to scoring categories to easily deliver traffic light scores based on your chosen topics.
Choose from yes/no, multiple choice, sliders and more
Deliver questions randomly or in a specific order
Adjust the weighting of individual questions or let our scoring engine do the work for you
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Style it up
ScoreApp makes it easy to completely white label and make your own
Set your colours, fonts and images.
Use a domain of your choice, SSL included.
Easily create compelling, tried and tested landing pages to attract more opt-ins
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Marketing Tools
Turn your collected data into value with tailored marketing campaigns driving sales
Drop different retargeting pixels based on scores.
Coming soon – build follow up campaigns based on answers right within ScoreApp
Automatically push lead data including scores and answers into your CRM and trigger follow up campaigns
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End-to-end onboarding support, management, design and consultation

We want ensure your scorecard performs to it’s maximum right from the outset. That's why our support team work with you develop your strategy. We support you to write your landing page, scorecard questions, and report.

We then build and brand your landing page, build and brand your scorecard, and build, brand and develop your custom report. Finally, we set you up with an analytics dashboard to enable to report in real-time.

Join 100’s of other businesses capturing 
leads everyday

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