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The ScoreApp Partner Program is the perfect place for technology enthusiasts, agencies, enterprises, and marketers who are eager to bring our advanced AI-driven lead generation technology to their networks.

Affiliate Bonus: Earn $500 for recommending just 10 new paying customers before July 31st

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The Affiliate Partner Program is a fantastic avenue for individuals and businesses to engage in earning commissions by promoting ScoreApp’s robust platform; it’s not just about making money, but also about being part of a growing community, equipped with an array of marketing resources and advanced tracking tools.


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The Agency Partner Program empowers marketing agencies and freelancers to leverage ScoreApp’s tools and resources, enabling them to offer their clients value-added services such as custom scorecard builds, funnel intergration and monthly management while earning commissions through referrals.


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ScoreApp's tiered commission structure

Rewarded with higher commissions, the more you refer

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each month*

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each month*

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*Based on our tiered commission structure and standard Business package*

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Why partner with ScoreApp

Are you searching for an innovative way to earn income while making a positive impact? The ScoreApp Partner Program is exactly what you need!

With our recurring commission system, you’ll earn from every purchase your referrals make over the course of an entire year! That’s right – your earnings will compound month after month, leading to substantial returns!

Our cutting-edge payment system guarantees prompt and hassle-free payments, plus you’ll have access to a dashboard that lets you track your earnings in real time.

Earn from 20% up to 40% commission
Support from a dedicated team
180 day cookie lifespan
Bonus $£$ for top performers
Lifetime commission for active affiliates
Get 50% off the first month for your referrals

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What people are saying about the Affiliate Partner Program

I was so thrilled with the success of my scorecard as a lead generator that I genuinely wanted to tell all my clients about it. With the ScoreApp Partner Program I have been able to generate another revenue steam just by sharing my experience. Win win!

Karen Dwyer – Life & Business Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

No, it’s completely free to join

What is the commission rate?

Standard commission starts at 20% and high-performing super affiliates have the potential to earn 40%, for life. This means that as long as you remain an active partner, you will be paid for anything your referrals spend with us for life.

When and how do I get paid?

We pay commissions every 30 days.

What if I need more information?

Contact our team at [email protected]

What is the difference between the affiliate program and the partner program?

The Affiliate Partner Program is designed for individuals and businesses looking to earn commissions by promoting ScoreApp. In contrast, the Agency Partner Program is tailored for marketing agencies and enterprises that want to offer additional services, such as scorecard creation and management, while also earning commissions.

What is an active partner?

You’re considered an active partner if you refer at least 4 paying customer to ScoreApp over the course of a year. An inactive parter will have referred 3 or less paying customers over a 12 month period and as a result will lose their lifetime commission on all of their active referrals.

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