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ScoreApp makes quiz funnel marketing easy, so you can attract warm leads, insightful data and increase your sales.

Targeted traffic

You start by promoting your Scorecard to your potential customers. This could be to your existing followers, email list, on stage, in your book or paid advertising.

Mr ?

Someone clicks your link, you have someone that is potentially interested in your business. It’s a good start, but we don’t know who they are yet.

Directed to Landing Page

Your potential customer arrives at a professional landing page that explains the value your scorecard delivers. So they click to get started.

Mr ? becomes John

Your potential customer wants the value your landing page has promised, so he shares his name and email address with you. You now have a lead, great news! But at this stage we don’t know much about John.

John answers your quiz

Your quiz is made up of a short series of engaging questions. So John quickly answers them all and gets taken straight to his results

John gets instant value

Your result page shows John how he scored and provides valuable feedback and tips to improve. John is amazed at the insights provided and books into your Calendly right from your result page.

You’ve now got yourself a warm, data rich lead

You can now have an informed sales conversation with John, whether thats a phone call, or an automated email sequence. You already know Johns strengths and weaknesses and exactly where your product or service can provide further help.

All of this and more can be quickly and easily setup within the ScoreApp platform

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