Generate higher quality, higher converting leads

Use scorecard marketing to understand each prospect as an individual, and follow up with personalised messaging.

Scorecards are powerful for any business that has to get-to-know someone before they can become a client

Get-to-know “Cold Prospects”

Such as people who hit your website for the first time


A short 15 question scorecard with a single score or outcome

Get-to-know “Warm Prospects”

Such as social media followers, newsletter subscribers or referrals


A 40 question scorecard across 5 categories with a custom PDF report

Get-to-know “Your Customers”

The more you know about people, the better you can advise and serve their specific needs.


An in depth diagnostic designed to be taken a few times per year to demonstrate how much has improved as a result of your services.

Create your Scorecard and start generating data rich hot leads in just a few hours

STEP 1Create your Scorecard

Quickly and easily create a custom branded scorecard including your questions, scoring logic, dynamic results and high converting landing page.

STEP 2Promote your Scorecard

Drive traffic from your website, social media or paid ads directly to your scorecard and watch as they convert into data rich hot leads.

STEP 3Segment and follow-up

Pick up the phone and have an informed sales conversation to the most valuable leads first, or hook up your CRM to automatically run personalised marketing campaigns based on the data they’ve given you.


Use our direct or Zapier integrations to automatically sync your leads to your existing tools along with any and all data collected.

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