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Automatically qualify leads so you can focus less time on marketing and more time delivering results for your clients.

AI-Powered Quiz Creation in Minutes

Answer a few simple questions about your business and watch as our AI wizard crafts a unique quiz complete with a custom landing page, tailored questions, a sophisticated scoring system, and a dynamic results page—all in under five minutes!

Automated Lead Qualification

Focus on the right prospects with ScoreApp's automated lead qualification. Our system not only generates leads but helps you zero in on the most compatible prospects, increasing your efficiency and success rate.

Personalised Follow-Ups

Leverage the power of personalised communication. The rich data collected from our quizzes allows you to follow up with leads using content that’s tailored to their specific needs and interests, creating deeper connections.

People Love Taking Quizzes!

Quizzes are more than just a lead generation tool; they are an engaging experience for your audience. Our quizzes provide valuable insights, helping users benchmark their performance and identify areas for growth.
Create your Scorecard in Minutes using The World’s First AI Quiz Builder.

How it works


Start with a blank canvas, pick from our library of over 50 done-for-you quiz templates, or let our AI quiz builder create a quiz for you. Create and customise your quiz concept, landing page, questions, scoring, and results page.

Launch and Promote

Launch your quiz and drive traffic to it. Use our free learning resources and inbuild AI promotion features to create successful campaigns. Watch as your quiz attracts potential clients, turning curiosity into valuable leads.

Automated Qualification and Insight

As prospects complete your quiz, ScoreApp automatically qualifies them based on their responses, providing you with insightful data to identify the best leads.

Personalized Engagement

Use the detailed insights from your quiz to engage with prospects on a personal level, building relationships that convert leads into loyal clients.

More than just quiz software

We’ve built ScoreApp with the goal of making it as easy as possible to get setup and start generating high quality data rich leads

AI Quiz Builder

Build your quiz in minutes with the AI setup wizard. Simply enter a little info about your business and you'll get a concept, your questions and dynamic results.

Landing Pages

Convert more visitors to leads by creating high converting opt in pages using our beautifully designed templates and easy to use page builder.

Engaging Questions

Build a smart set of questions that engages your participants that make them want to finish, and learn more

Personalised Branding

Make it your own. Easily brand your Scorecard using your logos, fonts, colours and even custom domain name

Full Templates

Start generating data rich leads in a matter of minutes by using one of our ready to launch templates

Dynamic Results

Deliver huge value to your leads with detailed and dynamic result content based on how they answered


Increase your sales by analysing the data collected and tailoring your follow up process to each individual

Integrate CRMs

Push any and all of your data across to your favourite tools with our direct and zapier integratio

Dynamic PDFs

Provide even more value by creating a dynamic PDF right within the app. The PDF will be generated on the fly based on how your lead answers

Join the 3600+ businesses & entrepreneurs growing with ScoreApp

Went from $0 to $1k MRR
Areej Khataybih

Founder of Valheim Server Hosting

32% increase in conversions
Bryony Thomas

Founder of Norman Cooks

175% increase in monthly enquiries
Jackson Ogunyemi

Founder of Striqo

Daniel Wagner
Nearly 10,000 leads with a 66% conversion rate!
Daniel Wagner

Communications Directory at The Journey

ScoreApp and it's Al tool is a complete game changer
David Pearce

CEO decodifi

After a bit of trial and error I've cracked it
Philip Calvert

Philip Calvert Consulting

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Join the 4000+ businesses and entrepreneurs growing with scorecard marketing


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  • Al Quiz Builder
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Everything you need to launch a Scorecard and start generating data rich leads

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  • AI Quiz Builder
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  • 100 responses per month
  • 1 user
  • Key features
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Dynamic result pages
  • View & export all response data
  • Connect your CRM


Business marketing features for making more sales

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115 /month
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  • AI Quiz Builder
  • 30 live Scorecards
  • 3000 responses per month
  • 5 users
  • Key features
  • Everything from business
  • Premier Support
  • Dynamic PDF Reports
  • Audience Experiments & Segmentation

Frequently asked questions

With our new A.I quiz builder you can be up and running in minutes! We also have beautifully designed templates, ready for you to use. So it’s easy to set up your scorecard. What’s more, we run a fortnightly live workshop and have a dedicated support team to get your leads rolling in.

Promoting your scorecard is down to you! We have some A.I. tools to help write blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts and Press articles but you’ll need to utilise your existing network, social channels, email database, website and any other channels you have access to.

Yes, we have a growing list of direct integrations including Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Keap, Zoho and more. Plus you can add pixels and tracking codes to link to you favourite social and analytic platforms. Custom domains, fonts and styling is also easy to implement.

ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary to your leads ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary.

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