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Your next client should be your best. Use quiz marketing to find your next partner and then use it to grow their business.
  • Understand your customers better
  • Transform your business
  • Earn commission

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Growth Hackers, Digital Marketers, Ad Specialists, Lead Generation Experts; whatever your speciality within the industry, Scorecard marketing is the most cost-effective way to find new, and service existing, clients.

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Replace cold emails, sales calls and expensive lead magnets with Scorecard quizzes. You'll speed up the process and have more time servicing your customers rather than vetting them.

"We won a £300,000 project off the back of one scorecard"

Helen Pritchard, Agency Founder

Use addictive, instant-value quizzes in-house

Understand your customers

Qualify your next client and get an in-depth understanding of their budget and goals before you discovery call

Address their pain points

Remove the unknowns and give your clients the ability to tell you their priorities and difficulties.

Keep your clients happy

Benchmark your clients progress over time and provide customers with a regular checkin or in-depth diagnostic.

Offer a new service

Deliver real value to your new and existing customers by offering quiz marketing as a service. As an expert, you’ll be able to roll out scorecards for all your clients

Deliver Value

Be an Expert

Earn Commission

22% commission of what your client spends


Quiz as a Service: another string to your bow

A new industry standard

Try our example and see how you can utilise the power of quiz marketing

More than just a quiz

Get setup and find your next and best client.

Landing pages

Convert more visitors to leads by creating high converting opt in pages using our beautifully designed templates and easy to use page builder.

Engaging Questions

Build a smart set of questions that engages your participants that make them want to finish, and learn more

Apply Branding

Make it your own. Easily brand your Scorecard using your logos, fonts, colours and even custom domain name

Full Templates

Start generating data rich leads in a matter of minutes by using one of our ready to launch templates

Dynamic Results

Deliver huge value to your leads with detailed and dynamic result content based on how they answered


Increase your sales by analysing the data collected and tailoring your follow up process to each individual

Integrate CRMs

Push any and all of your data across to your favourite tools with our direct and zapier integrations

Dynamic PDFs

Provide even more value by creating a dynamic PDF right within the app. The PDF will be generated on the fly based on how your lead answers

What people are saying about ScoreApp

Thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world are using ScoreApp to generate more leads, more data and more sales

Nearly 10,000 leads with a 66% conversion rate!

We didn’t do anything very particularly complicated. We just asked questions.

Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner

ScoreApp and it’s Al tool is a complete game changer. It’s a brilliant example of how Al can be embedded into an already great tool.

David Pearce

After this App you will say #lovesales
I subscribed today and in minutes I am all set, amazing.
So excited and can’t wait to share the journey with all of you. Thank you for making sales and marketing interesting to someone who hates it!

Areej Khataybih

Another shout out for ScoreApp. After a bit of trial and error I’ve cracked it, with people now going through the scorecard and then immediately paying for products and services without even receiving any follow up email from me.

Philip Calvert

Just been having a play with the new ScoreApp builder for the first time in around 18mths. Really Impressive Tool!
Well done to the team

Bryony Thomas

Within 10 days – 100 leads! Do you know what 100 leads does for me in my business? I’m a happy bunny!

Jackson Ogunyemi

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