We’ve built ScoreApp with the goal of making it as easy as possible to get setup and start generating high quality data rich leads

Ask questions

Add questions to scoring categories to easily deliver traffic light scores based on your chosen topics. 

Question Types

Choose from yes/no, multiple choice, sliders and more


Deliver questions randomly or in a specific order

Scoring Logic

Adjust the weighting of individual questions or let our scoring engine do the work for you


Choose which personal data to collect on sign up and customise your GDPR preferences.

Deliver those results

ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary to your leads


Show scores as percentages, out of 10, or actual scores

Dynamic Result Content 

Write different content, CTA’s and responses based on how your prospect answered

PDF Reports

Create PDF reports with dynamic content using our beautifully designed templates

Integrate Your CRM

Push any and all data into your CRM so you can create targeted and unique follow up campaigns

Style it up

ScoreApp makes it easy to completely white label and make your own


Set your colours, fonts and images.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain name.

Create Landing Pages

Easily create compelling, tried and tested landing pages to attract more opt-ins



Choose which personal data to collect on sign up and customise your GDPR preferences.


View your leads, completion rate, conversion rate and other important metrics at a glance


Export your detailed answer and scoring data into CSV

Segment & Filter

Filter your leads based on answers, scores, and source tracking

Marketing Tools

Turn your collected data into value with tailored marketing campaigns driving sales

Dynamic retargeting (coming soon)

Drop different retargeting pixels based on scores.

Dynamic email follow up (coming soon)

Coming soon – build follow up campaigns based on answers right within ScoreApp

Integrate your CRM

Automatically push lead data including scores and answers into your CRM and trigger follow up campaigns

Get started and launch your own scorecard today.

Get started

Watch a 10 minute demo on creating a scorecard

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