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Create your Scorecard in Minutes using The World’s First AI Quiz Builder.

These founders improved their businesses using scoreapp

Running an education series
Social following into a business
Qualifying customers and clients
Turning readers into customers

Do you really know where your next customer is coming from?

Is a name and email enough to start a meaningful conversation?
Is everything is downstream from lead generation?
To make a lasting connection you'll need a deeper understanding of your next customer.
Using the right tools to streamline your lead generation makes the process painless.

It's time to give something of value;
a Scorecard does just that.

Using ScoreApp to quickly and easily (with a little help from built-in A.I.)
create a customised Scorecard that engages your customers.

Capture attention and converts clicks

First impressions count, so we’ve made it easy to setup your landing page with our drag-and-drop page builder.

When people arrive they’ll want to take the next step.

Take them on a journey

Using a series of categories and questions, tailored specifically to your target audience, you can educate and truly engage.

Give personalised results that retains their attention

With ScoreApp, you will instantly deliver a personalised and powerful results to your audience based on their answers to your scorecard.

Is it really worth it?

It's true, some of our customers have had their doubts. But once they started using ScoreApp they never looked back!

It it difficult to set up?

With our new A.I quiz builder you can be up and running in minutes! We also have beautifully designed templates, ready for you to use. So it’s easy to set up your scorecard. What’s more, we run a fortnightly live workshop and have a dedicated support team to get your leads rolling in.

Do the leads come in automatically?

Promoting your scorecard is down to you! We have some A.I. tools to help write blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts and Press articles but you’ll need to utilise your existing network, social channels, email database, website and any other channels you have access to.

Can I integrate ScoreApp with other business tools?

Yes, we have a growing list of direct integrations including Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Keap, Zoho and more. Plus you can add pixels and tracking codes to link to you favourite social and analytic platforms. Custom domains, fonts and styling is also easy to implement.

How is ScoreApp different from other quiz apps?

ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary to your leads ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary.

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Areej Khataybih

Founder of Valheim Server Hosting

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Bryony Thomas

Founder of Norman Cooks

175% increase in monthly enquiries
Jackson Ogunyemi

Founder of Striqo

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