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  • Al Quiz Builder
  • 1 Live Scorecard
  • 10 Responses
  • 5 marketing courses
  • 60+ customisable templates
  • Setup & Score Workshop ticket


Everything you need to launch a Scorecard and start generating data rich leads

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  • AI Quiz Builder
  • 3 live Scorecards
  • 100 responses per month
  • 1 user
  • Key features
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Dynamic result pages
  • View & export all response data
  • Connect your CRM


Business marketing features for making more sales

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$ 129 /month
$ 107 /month

billed at $1548 $1290/yr

115 /month
95 /month

billed at €1380 €1150/yr

  • AI Quiz Builder
  • 30 live Scorecards
  • 3000 responses per month
  • 5 users
  • Key features
  • Everything from business
  • Premier Support
  • Dynamic PDF Reports
  • Audience Experiments & Segmentation
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Full feature list

Live Scorecards
Draft Scorecards
This is a total scorecard count, live scorecards contribute to this total
Up to 6
Up to 20
Up to 60
Responses per month
A response is counted whenever somebody signs up or answers at least one of your questions
These are your team members that you can add to your account to access your scorecards and data

AI Quiz Builder

Simply enter a few details and let our AI Quiz Builder do the rest.

AI Marketing Assistant

Free Trial
60 days free
60 days free

Use our ready to go templates

We have 60+ ready to go templates designed, written and built for you by our marketing experts

Customise branding

Easily update templates with your logo, brand colours, and fonts

Customise social sharing appearance

Fully translatable

All of the text on your scorecard seen by your visitors is editable

Unlimited quiz questions

Yes/No/Maybe, Sliding Scale, Linear Scale, Divided Scale, Multiple Choice Buttons, Multiple Choice Checkboxes, Multiple Choice Radio Buttons, Open Text

Automatically calculate overall score

Calculate scores against multiple categories

Customise question design

Create unlimited landing pages

Choose from library of landing page templates

Customise your pages using 40+ designed sections

Add custom sign up form fields

Force sign up form before questions or before results

Make sign up form optional

Control opt in & GDPR settings

Choose explicit or implicit consent, and link to your privacy policy and statement

Dynamic results

Instantly send people to a result page with dynamic content based on their answers and scores

Score tiers

For example you can set high, medium, low tiers and traffic lights colours on your results

Show charts, percentages, actual scores, or out of 10

Single outcome result

Deliver a single outcome result, such as Your score shows you're an "Innovator"

Customise your result pages using 50 designed sections

Order category results based on score

Multiple result pages

New Result Email Notification

Create and email a dynamic PDF

Choose from library of PDF templates and customise your PDF using 30 designed pages

Remove powered by ScoreApp logo

Use your custom domain name

Facebook tracking pixel

Since changes related to iOS 14.5 facebook pixels will only track with verified custom domains

Google analytics

Google tag manager

Custom scripts

Custom scripts per page

Add different pixels and scripts on your landing and result pages

Infusionsoft / Keap











3000+ others via Zapier

As well as our native integrations listed above you can connect to 3000+ other platforms via our Zapier integration

Admin dashboard showing key success metrics

View & manage all responses

Filter and export all available response data

Detailed individual response view

View all answers

View incomplete responses

See time to answer

See how long it took each person to answer each question

Email notification of each response

Add multiple recipients and customise the email

Store, view and export UTM Parameters

We store UTM parameters against each individual response

Delete or anonymise responses

Anonymising a response will remove name and email address but keep data for aggregate use

Auto geolocate responses

Question performance report

Aggregate reporting

Abandon Email

Audience Segmentation & Experiments


Live chat support

ScoreApp Onboarding

Plus an invite to our Set Up and Score webinar

Learning Courses

Access to our in-depth education content.

Facebook community group

Premier support

This can include optimisations, custom css and script changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan later?

Yes you can easily switch between any of our plans from within your account area. Downgrades will take effect at the end of your current billing period (usually monthly, unless you opted for a discounted Annual plan).

Is it easy to cancel?

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time from within your account area. Your account will remain active until the end of your current term (usually monthly, unless you opted for a discounted Annual plan).