What kind of quiz should you build for your business?

Quiz Concept

Nailing your quiz concept is difficult.

Deciding what kind of quiz you should create is tricky, and it’s easy to understand why so many people struggle with this. For instance:

  • You don’t want to spend time building a quiz that doesn’t convert into leads
  • You want to make sure your quiz appeals to THE RIGHT audience
  • You don’t want to spend money or resources promoting the wrong type of quiz

Your quiz has the potential to transform your business into a lead-generating machine that delivers new opportunities every single day.

But this can only happen if you actually LAUNCH your quiz.

Far too many people overcomplicate quizzes and scorecards and think that it has to be perfect

Desires/Goal quizzes and scorecards

Your audience wants to achieve something. They have a goal or desire that you can help them with. Using a “desire-based” concept means it can work well for almost any scorecard or quiz.

Examples of these would include:

  • Key Person of Influence Scorecard
  • High-performing Teams Quiz
  • Beach Ready Assessment
  • Inspirational Parenting Quiz

Pain or frustration

In marketing, highlighting “pain” is one of the most effective ways to get people to take action. Your audience usually has something they want to avoid or prevent, which is why using this within your concept is a good idea.

Examples could include:

  • The Hack Prevention Quiz
  • Fitness Injury Prevention Scorecard
  • Weight-gain Prevention Scorecard
  • Avoid Burnout Scorecard

Existing Content Scorecard

If you have existing content such as a book, a method, or a programme of some kind, it’s a good idea to create a scorecard from it. It’s the perfect compliment to your original content and it allows people to score themselves against your system.

Examples could include:

  • The 24 Assets Scorecard
  • The Money Mindset Quiz
  • The Business Blueprint Scorecard
  • The Lead Legacy System Quiz

Naming Your Quiz

Now that you understand some of the concept styles that work well, now you need to name your quiz. Below, I have given you 13 quiz naming options you can use as inspiration for your own.

The Knowledge Quiz

[Blank] Knowledge Quiz: Engage your audience with a series of simple questions related to their area of interest, then provide tailored advice on how to improve based on their responses.


a. Culinary Knowledge Quiz
b. Automotive Maintenance Quiz
c. Gardening Expertise Quiz

The Scorecard

[Blank] Scorecard: Help users identify their strengths and weaknesses within a specific topic, as well as which paths suit them best, based on their skills and interests.


a. Programming Language Scorecard
b. Sales Skills Scorecard
c. Artistic Talent Scorecard

The Self Assessment

[Blank] Self-Assessment: Encourage individuals to evaluate their habits, goals, and preferences in a particular field, then offer personalised recommendations for improvement.


a. Leadership Style Self-Assessment
b. Time Management Self-Assessment
c. Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

The Performace Report

[Blank] Performance Report: Gauge participants’ knowledge of strategies and tools related to their niche, offering suggestions for enhancing their effectiveness and reach.


a. E-commerce Store Performance Report
b. Photography Portfolio Performance Report
c. Public Speaking Performance Report

The Diagnostic Tool

[Blank] Diagnostic: Guide users through a series of questions to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity within a specific domain. Offer a detailed report with insights and action steps for growth and optimisation.


a. Fitness Routine Diognostic
b. Career Development Diognostic
c. Financial Planning Diognostic

The Style Survey

[Blank] Style Survey: Help individuals discover their unique approach in a particular area, offering personalised advice on how to navigate common challenges and strengthen their skills.


a. Communication Style Survey
b. Teaching Style Survey
c. Conflict Resolution Style Survey

The Personality Test

[Blank] Personality Test: Determine participants’ inclinations and provide tailored ideas that cater to their interests and needs within a specific domain.

a. Workout Routine Personality Test
b. Event Planning Personality Test
c. Online Learning Platform Personality Test

The Style Finder

[Blank] Style Finder: Assess users’ style and preferences in a certain field, then provide personalised recommendations and inspiration to align with their preferences.

a. Fashion Style Finder
b. Interior Design Style Finder
c. Garden Style Finder

The Efficiency Evaluation

[Blank] Efficiency Evaluation: Identify participants’ productivity habits within their niche, and offer tailored advice on how to better manage their time and tasks.

a. Software Development Efficiency Evaluation
b. Manufacturing Process Efficiency Evaluation
c. Customer Support Efficiency Evaluation

The Impact Analysis

[Blank] Impact Analysis: Assess individual impact or performance in a specific area, and offer personalised tips for making improvements and optimising results.

a. Environmental Impact Analysis
b. Social Media Influence Impact Analysis
c. Employee Engagement Impact Analysis

The Skills Test

[Blank] Skill Examination: Gauge users’ proficiency in using various strategies and tactics related to their area of interest, and provide personalised suggestions for optimising their performance.

a. Graphic Design Skill Test
b. Project Management Skill Test
c. Negotiation Skill Test

The Growth Roadmap

[Blank] Growth Roadmap: Assist users in identifying their goals and aspirations within a particular field, and offer tailored resources to support their development and progress.

a. Personal Branding Growth Roadmap
b. Product Development Growth Roadmap
c. Networking Growth Roadmap

The Readiness Assessment

[Blank] Readiness Assessment: Determine how ready your audience is for the services you offer, and provide tailored strategies and tools to optimise their chances of success.

a. Facebook Ads Readiness Assessment
b. Dream Garden Readiness Assessment
c. New Website Readiness Assessment

Launching your quiz

Now that you have lots of quiz concept ideas, you’ll have no problem launching your quiz fast so you can start getting leads straight away.

If you still need a helping hand getting started, you can use our AI Quiz Builder and it will create a quiz automatically in less than 3 minutes.

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