Turn more of the people who engage with your business into customers.

Lead generation is time-consuming, expensive, and most small businesses struggle to generate enough high-quality leads.

ScoreApp enables you to build scorecards that make generating leads and starting conversations with new prospects easy.

Every day potential customers are exposed to your business but never take an action which enables a meaningful conversation.

  • 😱 Spending every waking hour marketing and creating content, but hardly any new customers?

  • ❌ Know that your product and the outcomes you deliver are great, but struggling to generate enough leads and sales conversations?

  • 🤯 Not sure what you’ve missed?

  • 🧐 Inconsistent incoming leads meaning your future new business is always somewhat uncertain?

  • 🗣 Often spend your time talking to the wrong people who don’t become customers as you weren’t able to effectively qualify leads before you spoke with them?

✅ You need a scorecard.

What is a Scorecard?

A scorecard is a quiz, but smarter. Visitors answer a set of questions that you create and based on how they answer the questions, they are given personalised recommendations, advice or insights.

Attract People to Your Business

A scorecard is an amazing way of attracting people to your business by enabling you to demonstrate the value you can bring your clients in an automated way. Users taking your scorecard get a set of results and a tailored report.

Never Make Another Cold Call

Your scorecard gives you a constant stream of highly qualified leads that are receptive and interested in speaking with you.

Automate Your Lead Generation Process

Process high volumes of leads with minimal effort. Once set up, a scorecard is completely automated, meaning each visitor gets the same high quality experience and bespoke insights.

30+ Data Points

Every time someone takes your scorecard, you get their name, email and phone number, but also how they answered all of the questions you asked.

Collect The Data That's Most Valuable To You

You’re able to pick and choose the leads you follow up with based on all the information you’re able to collect on them, meaning you can focus your time on speaking with the prospects that have the highest potential value and are most likely to turn into customers.

Personalise Your Responses

The data you get back from the scorecard means that you can personalise how you follow up with each prospect based on their unique responses.

Lead generation is time-consuming, expensive, and most small businesses struggle to generate enough high-quality leads.

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How it works

Start generating more rich, qualified leads with just 5 simple steps

Step 1 Start Your ScoreApp Free Trial to create an account.

Step 2 Come up with the idea for your scorecard with our simple scorecard concept guide.

Step 3 Build a fully customisable, dynamic landing page, questions, and results follow up: ask prospective clients anything you see as relevant to assessing their suitability to your business.

Step 4 Launch your scorecard. Promote it across your social media, website, in events, articles, webinars and with ads.

Step 5 Watch the leads roll in! All leads are automatically qualified as they've answered all your questions.


Use our direct or Zapier integrations to automatically sync your leads to your existing tools along with any and all data collected.

Get more leads and more data with scoreapp

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