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ScoreApp is a quiz generator. With ScoreApp you can quickly and easily build lead generation quizzes for your business.

Using ScoreApp you can build quizzes that make generating leads and starting conversations with new prospects easy.

Struggling to generate leads for your business? You need ScoreApp

  • With ScoreApp you can quickly make quizzes about whatever you’re an expert in.

  • 💼  Business coach? Create the ‘Business Strength Quiz’ that tests how strong your prospects’ businesses are and shows them areas of weakness.

  • 💪  Personal trainer? Build the ‘Fitness MOT’ that shows people how fit they are on a scale from 1-10 and tells them how they can improve.

  • 🚀  Marketing agency? Make the ‘Growth Ready Assessment’ that tells prospects how good their marketing is and what marketing collateral they’re missing.

  • 💷  Financial Advisor? Create the ‘Wealth Creation Assessment’ that gives people clarity on the state of their finances and tells them how to make smarter investment decisions.

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What is ScoreApp?

ScoreApp is a platform that you can use to create lead generation quizzes (we call these quizzes ‘scorecards’). Using the ScoreApp platform you can create your own lead generation quiz that looks great in less than two hours.

What is a Scorecard?

A ‘Scorecard’ is what we call the lead quizzes you make with ScoreApp. A Scorecard consists of a landing page, questions, and a results page.

How does it work?

Visitors to your scorecard answer a set of questions that you write about a topic you’re an expert in. They then get their results and see how they’ve scored. With their results you can give them advice and recommendations on how to improve.

Will it work for me?

Scorecards tend to work really well for businesses that need to generate leads and qualify prospects before selling to them. If this sounds like you, we’d massively encourage you to try out the technology as it’s already generated 1m+ leads for businesses just like yours.

Why do Scorecards work so well for lead generation?

Scorecards work because people love taking quizzes, testing themselves, and finding out how to improve. Scorecards are so successful as a lead generation tool because they give a ton of value to the respondent in return for just a few minutes of their time.

Automated, personalised advice

With ScoreApp you can give your prospects personalised advice and recommendations. Just like a first sales call with a prospect, with ScoreApp you ask questions and then give advice and recommendations that are personalised to the individual based on how they answered.

Generate qualified, interested leads

Every time someone takes your Scorecard you get their contact details, but far more valuable you also get all their answers to the questions you asked. This tells you their exact challenges and needs, and also qualifies how valuable the lead is to you.

Join thousands of businesses already using ScoreApp to generate more leads. We’re so confident it will work for your business we’re offering a 30-day free trial for you to try it out.

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How it works

Start generating more rich, qualified leads with just 5 simple steps

Step 1 Create an account and activate your free trial.

Step 2 Come up with the idea for your scorecard with our simple scorecard concept guide or choose one of our done for you templates

Step 3 Build a fully customisable, dynamic landing page, questions, and results follow up: ask prospective clients anything you see as relevant to assessing their suitability to your business.

Step 4 Launch your scorecard. Promote it across your social media, website, in events, articles, webinars and with ads.

Step 5 Watch the leads roll in! All leads are automatically qualified as they've answered all your questions.


Use our direct or Zapier integrations to automatically sync your leads to your existing tools along with any and all data collected.

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ScoreApp has been a game changer for my business
Mark Leruste, Founder of The Unconventionalists© and award-winning podcast host.
More leads means more revenue…and more revenue fixes everything
Glen Cardon, Co-Founder, Dent Global
Our scorecard is the cheapest way we have found to generate leads and build our email list on the planet
Maxwell Nee, CEO & Co-Founder, High Performing Coach
Hands down the best way I’ve found for a business to start a conversation with a potential customer online
Jake Mason, Founder, Incaloop