AI Quiz Builder Tutorial

Watch as Daniel Priestley shows you how to create a scorecard with AI.

Using the ScoreApp AI Quiz Builder, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a scorecard with AI:

  1. Go to the AI setup wizard and click Get started.
  2. Select Generate leads as your goal.
  3. Choose One overall score for your scorecard type.
  4. Describe your business and target audience.
  5. Choose what you want to help your clients improve, achieve, or prevent.
  6. Pick a concept for your scorecard.
  7. Add questions to your scorecard.
  8. Click Create scorecard.
  9. Review and edit your scorecard as needed.
  10. Publish your scorecard and share the link with your audience.


  • Start by creating a simple scorecard with a few questions.
  • Promote your scorecard to a small group of friends or colleagues to get feedback.
  • Use the data from your scorecard to learn more about your audience and improve your marketing.

More advanced options:

  • Use a template to create a more visually appealing scorecard.
  • Add dynamic content to your scorecard, such as personalized recommendations or results.
  • Integrate your scorecard with your email marketing or CRM system.

By following these steps, you can create a scorecard that will help you generate leads and learn more about your audience.

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