New Template: Event Registration


Hi, I’m Lee from ScoreApp. I’m the head of Customer Success and I wanted to introduce you to one of the new templates in the template library,  designed for Event Registration.

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The template includes a landing page that provides all the necessary information about the webinar, including the date, time, and an overview of the event. This helps users understand who the webinar is for and what they can expect to gain from it. Within this template, and any templates within ScoreApp you can include a testimonial section and a call-to-action to register for the webinar.

The template is fully customizable, so users can choose to include or exclude sections as needed. We’ve also added a simple four-question quiz related to the webinar’s subject matter to help generate interest and provide valuable data for us to better understand our audience.

We found having a small number of questions, typically 2-4, that are easy to answer and specifically about the event works well. Then the person who holds the event or webinar can reference the results in the webinar – it’s a very effective way to utilise the rich information and really engage with your audience.

Upon completing the registration process, users will receive a confirmation of their registration and their quiz score, along with instructions on how to check their email and add the webinar to their calendar.

Additionally, the template includes a section for bonus material such as a video, which can be added or removed as desired. The lead details can be integrated into a CRM and used to send Zoom links and follow-up emails to registered users.

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