How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Business From Scratch w/ Mo Gawdat



Daniel Priestley joins Mo Gawdat on his Slo-mo podcast.

In his Slo-mo podcast, Mo Gawdat consistently brings diverse perspectives to the forefront. Each episode is a mindful exploration, an open invitation to pause, reflect, and recalibrate life’s trajectory towards personal triumph. Particularly in this era of profound change and rapid shifts in the job landscape, Mo believes it’s crucial to embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to carve our own paths to success, particularly in the realm of entrepreneurship.

In this episode, ScoreApp co-founder Daniel Priestley. Listen as they discuss:

– Mutual connections
– Twitter Vs Threads
– How the Entrepreneur was born
– Creativity and construction
– Describe yourself in one word
– Taking a risk and problem solving
– Who is the Founder?
– AI and the trees
– Teamwork and inspiration
– The kill sign and growing Google
– The 3 brains
– Bad Humans
– Protecting the village and killing the tiger
– Miserable Billionaires
– $5 dollar tip
– The Ministry of Meditation
– Naive optimism
– Supply and demand
– Tools of revolution
– 99 per cent
– What is happiness to you?
– The power of stupid little dots

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