Everything is downstream from Lead Generation: Daniel Priestley at Expert Empires 2022



Here’s Daniel Priestley’s keynote at the 2022 Expert Empires event.

In the presentation, Daniel shows with examples how everything is downstream from lead generation.

He demonstrates how traditional forms of marketing, even on social media, are broadcast only and therefore there’s a need for engaging, automated and personalised marketing – and how this can be achieved through Scorecard Marketing.

Going into the psychology of why people buy: people buy to resolve tension. And people also have desires, both active and dormant desires.

Because there are far less people with active desires; people actively looking to resolve tension. Dan suggests interacting with people with dormant desires is far more lucrative, albeit potentially more difficult. That’s where great brand manufacture dormant desires and this can be done through scorecard marketing.

Scorecards can create demand 24/7 as people love to score and improve. Scorecards give people a way to score and improve.

In the second part of the video Daniel Priestley shows you how to setup a scorecard and create your automated quiz funnel.

He goes into detail into the four key areas of a high performing scorecard campaign:
– Landing Page
– Questionnaire
– Results
– Promotion

He also shows how we transformed Steven Bartlett’s book: Happy, Sexy, Millionaire into a scorecard.

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