New Template: Wheel of Life


Hi, I’m Lee from ScoreApp. I’m the head of Customer Success and I wanted to introduce you to one of the new templates in the template library. It’s called The Wheel of Life.

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The Wheel of Life template is a quiz that helps assess various aspects of a person’s life that could use improvement.

The Wheel of Life template offers a lot of options for customization, as shown in the video tutorial. For example, you can upload your own logo, add new sections and arrange them as you like, and edit the questions and categories. Additionally, you can also personalize the results page to include a spider diagram, description, and score for each section. The template includes a call to action to book a call but it’s possible to change it to any other call-to-action like joining a community. After taking the test, you can also send an email with a link to access the results, which can be further personalized and integrated with CRM systems and also provide lead data and tailored follow-up sequences.

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