5 reasons why Quiz Funnel Marketing Sucks!


You may ask; what sort of video is this doing on the ScoreApp website? Well hear us out! In this B2B Digital Marketer podcast with host Jim Rembach we delve into reasons why a quiz could not be an effective tool and a waste of time. Daniel Priestley highlights what not to do with a quiz and also what TO DO with a scorecard.

If you’ve wondering what the 5 top things to not do with a scorecard then here you go:

  • Don’t give people a self interested reason to complete the scorecard – that’s right if you make it about you and not them then that’s sure-fire way to turn people off. Instead make it about them and give them value.
  • Give them  the wrong amount of questions, either too many questions or not enough. Depending on the stage in your funnel, you either need to go easy on the questions (at first) and then delve deeper as your prospect becomes a client or partner.
  • Not giving them value straight away is a mistake. If you’re not showing them value immediately, you’re doing something wrong. Make sure you instead, use the data for personalisation straight away. Show them their results immediately, and give them automated feedback that’s personal.
  • If you’re not promoting it you’re wasting your time. Plug it in to your marketing channels. Promote it and let is become an important part of your business. That leaves you to use the data to make more sales and be more effective.

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