23 Simple Ways to Earn More Commission With ScoreApp

ScoreApp has a comprehensive referral program that allows people to earn between 20-40% commissions on anyone they recommend to ScoreApp

Want to know how to maximise your affiliate commission when recommending ScoreApp? Well, here are 23 ideas you can use to promote our software and gain more commission easily! 

1. Email your current list

Emailing your list is the easiest, simplest and most effective way to recommend products and skyrocket your affiliate commission. Your email list is a treasure trove of contacts that know, like and trust you, and will take your recommendations seriously.

Affiliate offer quiz

Here’s an example of an email you could send…

Hi [Affiliate’s List Subscriber Name],

One of the biggest challenges we face as business owners is making sure we have a constant flow of qualified leads.

This is why I’m so excited to introduce you to ScoreApp, an amazing interactive quiz software that will completely change how you attract leads to your business.

ScoreApp helps you create interactive quizzes with ease and deliver personalised results based on your participants’ answers. 

Here are some of the reasons I personally use ScoreApp (and think you should too) 

Question Types: With ScoreApp, you can add an unlimited number of questions from various question types and effortlessly assign categories and scoring to individual answers. 

Category Scoring: The category scoring system makes it incredibly simple to deliver broken-down scores against multiple topics. This way, you can gain deeper insights into your audience’s strengths and weaknesses, and they can clearly see where they need to improve.  

AI Quiz Builder: You can build a quiz landing page, the quiz itself, and a results page within minutes. It streamlines the entire process, saving you hours!

Fully Customisable: You can make your quizzes visually appealing and on-brand by customising their appearance with your brand fonts, colors, logo, and more. Your audience will have a seamless experience consistent with your brand identity.

ScoreApp is a game-changer for anyone looking to boost audience engagement, gather valuable data, and provide personalised experiences.

If you want to give it a try, just click the link below. This is an affiliate link, but I would not recommend it if it weren’t something I was using (and loving!) myself. 

[Your Affiliate Link]

Speak soon,

[Your Name]

2. Share explainer videos 

There’s no denying the power of video content, especially when showcasing tools and software that you recommend. Think about the last time you wanted to understand how some software worked, you probably watched a video about it!

You can record a number of videos to highlight key features of the software and help your audience understand why they might want to use it.

Examples of videos you could record…

– Give a basic overview of the tool
– Share an impressive feature that you like
– Give a complete walkthrough 

– How using the software has impacted your business 

3. Share a quiz statistic – from your scorecard

People LOVE stats. Sharing real statistics that you have will make people stop and listen because it’s backed by real data. Data allows you to strengthen your point and back up your message. This is one of the big benefits of using ScoreApp, it’s packed with data.

Take statistics from your scorecard and share screenshots, graphics and examples so your audience can see the value. Explain to your audience that you have got that data by using ScoreApp.

4. Share a testimonial – from our customer success stories 

How many people have taken your scorecard or quiz? Did they find it valuable? Try reaching out to some of them to collect testimonials. 

Every day, we use feedback and testimonials to make buying decisions so we don’t waste time and money. This means you could share the feedback you receive with your audience.

“It only took me 60 seconds to complete, but the result and feedback was genuinely helpful”

“This scorecard helped me realise I could be doing way more to improve my situation”

These kinds of comments could help you promote ScoreApp more effectively. Reach out to previous leads and ask them for their feedback.

5. Write an article about ScoreApp

Do you have a blog on your website? 

Why not write an article about the benefits of using ScoreApp? Writing blog content (like this) helps you get more traffic to your website, which is great, but you’ll also be able to use it to highlight key features and benefits of software like ScoreApp.

Article examples could be:

“Our number one lead generation strategy”
“7 reasons we use a quiz to grow our audience”
“Why you should use a quiz in your business”

These articles are value-driven, but you’ll also be able to include affiliate links throughout.

6. Plan a series of social media posts 

Promoting ScoreApp over social media is probably one of the best ways to increase your affiliate commission.

You can use some of the examples in this article to create social media posts or create something unique. Here are a few ideas that allow you to share your affiliate link

1. “I’ve been using a quiz as my lead magnet for the past 6 months, and I honestly can’t believe the results

  • [insert result 1, such as ‘40% conversion rate on my landing page’]
  • [insert result 2, such as the number of leads you’ve had]
  • [insert result 3, such as the benefit it has to your sales calls]

2. Here’s how I’ve managed to collect a huge amount of customer data and insights over the past 6 months, such as [insert what insights you’ve gained from your quiz]. 

3. Want to know my exact sales process? Here it is from start to finish…

[explain your sales process and how ScoreApp fits within that]. 

7. Offer live training 

Sharing a link with your audience doesn’t offer much value by itself. Instead, you could offer some live, step-by-step training showcasing ScoreApp to your audience. You could walk them through:

– How to generate leads for their business
– How to look for key data
– How to prequalify potential clients

8. DM your closest connections 

When was the last time you spent an hour writing DMs? Your social media inbox is full of ideal ScoreApp clients who want more leads and sales just like you. Why not share your results and success with your closest connections? Obviously, you don’t want to be overly “salesy”, but you do want to use your connections and audience to achieve similar results to you.

9. Create a demo video (or use one of ours)

Have you considered recording a demo video of you using ScoreApp to show people how easy and simple it is to create a quiz? Demo videos work well because you record them once, and you can share them over and over again. You could even embed this video onto a specific page on your website that includes a summary of the features, benefits and an affiliate link.

10. Run a challenge (accountability group)

Everybody loves a challenge. We all like to be tested, and challenges make us feel part of a community as we’re all taking part together. 

This makes it the perfect way to help your audience get more leads and sales. During the challenge, you can introduce people to ScoreApp and get them started with a trial. Throughout the rest of the challenge, you can help them build a scorecard and start getting leads within a few days.

11. Share in your membership 

If you run a membership website, you can always share ScoreApp as a valuable tool you use in your business (if applicable to your membership audience, of course). 

12. Share on your website 

Throughout your website, you can draw attention to your ScoreApp affiliate link. The first step is to create a unique (simple) page on your website with more information about ScoreApp. This could include images, a video and product features. The next step is to include links to this page on various throughout your website, such as:

– The sidebar on your blog
– A “recommended products” page
– A popup or slide-in box

15. Add to your content (and past content too!)

How much content have you produced in the past few years? Chances are, the content is still extremely valuable to your audience. Have you considered going back through your content to include links and references to tools like ScoreApp?

Some of the old content on your website will still get a lot of traffic, and you could be missing out on lots of affiliate commissions if you don’t have any links.

Check out your Google Search Console for your best-performing website pages or blog posts – that’s a good place to start adding affiliate links! 

14. Offer quiz building and management as a service

No matter what you do, some people don’t take action. They might not have the time or want to launch a quiz themselves, but these people would be happy to have you do it for them and pay a higher fee.

If you can do this, it’s a win-win. They use your affiliate link to sign up to ScoreApp, and you get to charge an extra fee to build it for them.

15. Include as part of your existing services – enhance your offer to hit KPIs

Let’s say you are a website designer, you could offer quiz building as an additional service to create an extra income revenue stream. You could offer this to your existing clients and new ones too. 

16. Include affiliate links in your newsletter

If you send a regular newsletter, you could include links to ScoreApp in there, with perhaps a paragraph or two about what you like about the software. 

17. Use paid advertising

Paid advertising like Google Ads and Facebook ads are a great way to get clicks and signups fast. Some of the other methods in this article take more time, but with Facebook ads, you can set up an ad today and start getting results tomorrow.

You’ll want to be careful that your advertising spend doesn’t cost too much, which will take some optimising, but once your ads are created, you’ll be able to see clear data on which ads are performing and which ones are not. 

18. Add affiliate links to your video descriptions

Do you have lots of videos on your YouTube channel? You could go back through your content and add affiliate links to your video descriptions. This is fairly common for tech reviews, but we often forget to add affiliate links if our videos are more “informative”. Here are a few ways examples of what you could include in your YouTube video descriptions

– My Recommended Lead Generation Tool
– How I generated 367 leads in 3 days
– How I guarantee high-quality leads in my business

19. Promote links on your podcast

You can explain how you use ScoreApp on your podcast and mention you have a unique link that people can access through your show notes. This is a great way of promoting the software, especially as it can be part of natural conversation. You could even create whole episodes that can be helpful (such as ‘What’s my lead gen process’) but also recommend the product.

Podcast Guest Quiz Growth

20. Include affiliate links in an online course

If you have an online course, you can always promote ScoreApp in there. You could do this by…

  • Recording an extra tutorial video 
  • Adding ScoreApp to the resources section of your course 
  • Including a bonus video with how you use ScoreApp to grow your business

21. Create an online review

Nobody wants to make a bad buying decision. This is why lots of people search for tech reviews before buying software. You could write a review for ScoreApp, which could bring you more website traffic and affiliate commission.

22. Guest blogging 

Have you ever written a guest blog for someone else’s website before? Writing an article for another website is a great way to get in front of a new audience and promote your links. As long as you provide value and it’s not too promotional, the website owner will allow you to include 1 or 2 links. One of which could be your affiliate link.

Examples of articles you could write are:

– 5 of the best lead generation tools
– Why you should use quizzes marketing in your business
– How to increase your conversion rates with a quiz

All of these ideas are interesting, valuable and allow you to include your link naturally.

23. Ebooks/guides

Do you sell or give away any ebooks or guides on your website? You might want to go through them to see if you can easily add your affiliate link where relevant. This is an easy, time-effective way of gaining some affiliate commission!

Now that you have 23 promo ideas for ScoreApp, I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting more signups and earning more commission than every before.

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