🎥 30 Minute Lead Formula

Generate more qualified leads
Turn more leads into sales

Follow the 30-Minute Lead Formula to help you identify the issues in your business and give you the framework that shows you how you generate and qualify leads into sales.

🎥 Video 1
Why People Buy

Video 1

🎥 Why People Buy

Starting from the psychology of why people buy; it’s a known fact that people buy because of tension. When they feel tension between the current situation they find themselves in and the desired situation. Watch Daniel Priestley show you exactly why that’s important to understand and how to utilise your clients’ desired outcomes.


For the exercise download the workbook here.

🎥 Video 2
Awaken Dormant Desires

Video 2
🎥 Awaken Dormant Desires

In the second video we explore the types of people who buy from you, differentiating between active buyers and dormant buyers.


Your dormant market will be a magnitude larger than the active market. Getting them from dormant to active requires a lightbulb moment 💡.

🎥 Video 3
Score, Rank, Improve

Video 3
🎥 Score, Rank, Improve

Humans love to score, rank and improve and we are hard-wired to want to measure and improve things.

In this part of the series we focus on understanding the area of life your business helps people to improve. And crucially how you measure where they are today and how you measure where they could be in 90 days, if they worked with you.

🎥 Video 4
Logic, Emotion, Urgency

Video 4
🎥 Logic, Emotion, Urgency

Next we zoom into the moment that people make a decision to buy from you. It occurs when 3 things come into alignment: logic, emotion and urgency.

We discuss how to balance these three conditions to find the perfect moment so that customer decide to purchase straight away.

🎥 Video 5
Implementing the Formula

Video 5
🎥 Implementing the Formula

Lastly, and most importantly, we show you how to implement the formula.

One of the key components to successfully implementing this formula is a scorecard marketing funnel.

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