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Ali Abdaal using scorecard marketing to engage his audience

Have you heard of Ali Abdaal? He’s a highly successful Doctor turned YouTuber + Podcaster, with over 3.5 million subscribers to his Youtube channel!

Ali wanted to help his audience with monetisation and give them tips on how to determine the value of their content. 

Using a simple quiz he was able to distill his knowledge and expertise into a service that runs 24/7. He is able to engage with his audience on their terms giving them value when they need it. 

Once you complete the quiz you are given a score with some valuable insight, based on your answers – some best practices and tips on what to do next. 

But the kicker for Ali is two fold:

  1. He builds on his position of trust and cements himself as the expert.
  2. He upsells his paid Professional Creator Course by the option to join the waiting list. Building demand for a paid service.

This quiz is a great case study for businesses with an audience and without.

  1. For those with an audience, it’s a way to convert latent subscribers and followers into potential paid customers. 
  2. For those without a significant audience, it’s a lead magnet, a tool to build an audience and turn cold traffic into new customers. 

So, whether you have a large audience that you’d like to monetise or if you don’t have an audience yet and need to generate some need leads and qualify them, a quiz and a scorecard marketing funnel is a no brainer.

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