Product Updates April ’21

New Scores Report

For our Advanced users, you now have access to a new report showing the average scores across your categories with your score tiers also represented.

Customise Your Notification Email

You can now customise the notification email that you receive when someone takes your scorecard. You can add the questions, answers and scores directly to this email if you wish.

Email Notification For All Started Leads

We now send the notification email even if the lead didn’t fully finish your scorecard.

Collaborator Access

You can now choose the level of access a collaborator on your account has. You can allow full access, editor only, or data only.

URL Parameters

You can now pre fill form fields using URL parameters sent to your landing page. This is useful if mailing out to an existing database where you already have this information.

Improved Spam Prevention

All scorecards now have improved spam protection to stop bots from starting your scorecards and skewing your stats.

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