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This month we’ve dramatically improved & upgraded ScoreApp
– in so many ways! If you have an idea that you think we’ve missed email us [email protected] and we’ll take a look.

It’s just logic.

You asked and we have delivered. Introducing Logic Jumps.

A tool that allows you to tailor your audience’s experience based on their responses. Whether it’s directing them to different questions or specific result pages, it’s a straightforward yet powerful way to create more personalised interactions. This highly requested feature is now live, and we invite you to try Logic Jump for yourself.

🔗 New Integrations mean new connections.

Send all your lead info direct into a Slack channel. Amazing. Perfect if you’re using Slack as a team and need to make every lead count.

If you’re using Google Sheets to manage your data this integration will speed things up considerably! ScoreApp will push new leads into a designated Google Sheet, not only that it will update the row when someone finishes the scorecard.

The Meta/Facebook Conversions API has been updated for more accurate tracking. Since Meta has increased it’s privacy rules it now pushes information to the conversion API.
Enable this within the tracking page on ScoreApp; copy and paste your API token and we then automatically push conversion events via the API into Meta for more accurate tracking.

Head to the integrations page to configure:

🙋 Let’s Get (More) Personal: Data Enrichment

For Pro users we’ve added Data Enrichment. Once you enable Data Enrichment, you can effortlessly uncover more details about your customers.

Once activated, new responses will be cross-referenced with our data enrichment service, boasting an impressive 70% match rate for business emails. The additional information retrieved includes mobile numbers, emails, job titles, and more.

We’ll enrich up to 500 matches per month, and when the enrichment is successful, you’ll find a treasure trove of additional insights about individuals and companies. 

Upgrade to Pro to get ahead with Data Enrichment

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