Quiz Examples from Big Brands

Big Brands Using Quizzes

It’s pretty obvious we love quizzes, right?

They are fun and engaging, but they also generate more traffic, leads and sales.

It’s no wonder big brands like Disney and Virgin are turning to quizzes in order to increase engagement and attract more attention online.

Why big brands are using quizzes

Big brands spend millions of dollars every month on advertising, and they are constantly looking for new ways to reach their audience and get more customers. By using quiz marketing, and providing value and entertainment, top brands can reach a new audience and increase engagement.

Below we’ve given you 12 of the biggest brands in the world who are using quizzes to attract more customers.

Each example is completely different, and you can learn a lot from looking at their quiz setup.

1. Virgin Reward Points Quiz

Virgin is one of the biggest brands in the world, and they have many different legs to their business. One of them is Virgin Red, which is a reward club where you can earn and spend points.

Virgin launched their “points personality quiz” to help their audience understand more about Virgin Red and how they might benefit. Once you’ve answered ten lifestyle questions, you’ll be able to see how your answers relate to their various reward points. It’s a really nice way to provide the most relevant content to their audience.

Virgin understand that reward clubs like theirs have been done plenty of times before, and nobody is going to go out of their way to join without understanding the benefits first. Using their quiz, they are able to show you which stores or companies are part of their scheme and also most relevant to you.

What we like about this quiz

To take the quiz, you have to be a Virgin Red Member, which means you have to create a free account and provide them with your contact information. This is known as a micro commitment which can often lead to customers becoming a paying customer later down the line.

2. Fitbit Ecommerce Quiz

Fitbit, the popular Fitness brand, launch their quiz to help potential customers know which product to buy. By taking their 3-question quiz, you’ll be presented with a small selection of products that are most relevant to you.

Fitbit Watch Quiz

Why is this quiz important for customers?

Product returns cost companies a lot of money. According to NRF, “Consumers returned an estimated $428 billion in merchandise to retailers in 2020”, which is around a 10.6% return rate. Scary numbers for retailers.

Some of the popular reasons for returning products are:

“Don’t like the item”
“Product does not match product description”

By using a quiz, FitBit are helping their customers determine which products are the best before they buy. This helps reduce the number of returns and also saves time and resources on customer service and operational costs.

3. AT&T Cyber Security Quiz

At&t is one of the top 100 most valuable companies in the world. The telecommunication giant uses a quiz to help protect their audience from cyber security threats.

Cyber Security Quiz

Using their Cyber security quiz, you answer 12 yes or no questions to determine how susceptible you are to security risks.

Why would AT&T need to make a quiz?

Like all communications and technology companies, security is a problem that needs to be solved. So rather than spending money on a new ad campaign like everyone else, AT&T decided to provide this incredibly valuable tool that helps their audience solve this serious problem.

What I loved about AT&T’s quiz

The quiz is pretty simple. It’s only when you see the results page that it really impressed me. They have a variety of different sections that offer something different such as:

  • Total Points Score
  • Which score group you’re apart of
  • A breakdown of each question and a helpful tip
  • A link to relevant content for each question

Overall, this is a fantastic quiz.

4. Tesco BBQ Food Quiz

Tesco have created their “Create your perfect barbecue quiz” to help you decide which barbeque food you should make. With only three questions, it’s short and fun and easy to do.

Tesco Food Quiz

The Quiz results page is pretty basic, they only offer one option based on how you answered the quiz. Tesco have conditional logic to build their quiz, which means the questions change based on how you answered the previous question. This is a good method if you only have a few questions because it will allow more personalised recommendations.

What I love about this quiz

I really like the copy within this quiz. Even though Tesco is a huge brand, they have still made an effort to keep the language fun and light for their customers. Look at how they use copy within their questions…

As you would expect, at the end of the quiz, you are given a barbecue meal option that you can cook. However, what Tesco do next is interesting. They include links to specific shopping items as well as the recipe. It’s easy to understand how effective this quiz would be in getting customers to plan meals and buy ingredients.

5. BMW Christmas Quiz

BMW have created a fun, festive quiz for their audience, and they have chosen to keep things simple. Instead of using interactive quiz software, they have created a “scroll and reveal” type quiz. All you have to do is scroll down the page, and you see if you were right or wrong.

BMW Car Quiz

They give ten statements about Christmas, and you have to guess which are true and which ones are false. Very simple but quite fun at the same time.

Why I like this simple quiz

Some of the images and statements relate to cars, and you can see various references throughout the page. At the end of the quiz, you are presented with a call to action, which is… “Get your Christmas presents from BMW Lifestyle.”

You can actually buy BMW-related Christmas gifts with the click of a button. I’m not sure I’d ever buy a car following a quiz, but I might buy a toy car as a gift for my little boy.

6. Wellsfargo Mortgage Quiz

Wellsfargo is another one of the most valuable companies in the world. They decided to use a prequalification quiz on their website to help their customers who want to get a mortgage.

Wellsfargo Mortgage Quiz

By using a quiz, Wellsfargo allow their customers (and potential customers) to determine how likely they are to be approved for a mortgage.

This quiz is just as helpful for the company as it is for anyone who takes the quiz. Wellsfargo doesn’t want their mortgage advisors spending too much time with prospects that have no chance of getting a mortgage. This quiz improves the quality of the customers booking appointments and provides help and support for those not ready to get a mortgage. Win-win.

Why I like this quiz

It’s a short, simple self-assessment quiz that provides tips to help an unqualified customer become more qualified. Simple. You also get links to resources that will help you improve your credit rating so you can get a mortgage.

7. Nokia ESG Quiz

Unlike the other examples in this article, Nokia decided to do something different with their quiz.

One of Nokia’s key values is “Sustainability”, and their website is packed with content around this topic. So rather than use a quiz to get leads or sales, Nokia have used a quiz to educate and inform their visitors about environmental issues. They do this using their “Environmental, social and governance (ESG)” Myth-busting quiz.

Environmental Quiz

What I love about this environmental quiz.

On the face of it, it’s a simple true or false quiz. However, Nokia provides the correct answers for each question as you go through the quiz. They also tell you a little more about how the topic is important and what you can do to fix this environmental problem.

Nokia’s ESG quiz is user-friendly and easy to take part in, and you can tell they spent time and money creating a quiz that’s aligned with their company goals.

8. LG Washing Machine Quiz

LG have created a showstopping ecommerce quiz that helps their audience buy the right washing machine. As we mentioned earlier, the cost of goods returned in the ecommerce world is astronomical, which makes quizzes like this so important.

LG Washing Machine Quiz

Their quiz, “Reveal your Laundry Love Language”, is a fun, relevant tool that’s clearly taken time to build. The cool sound effects and animation make it one of the best quizzes in this list.

Why I love this LG quiz

This quiz is great for a few reasons, but one of the unique things about this quiz is they combine it with a contest. You can win your recommended washing machine by sharing it on social media. They turn their fun quiz into a potentially viral competition.

As you would expect, they also link to their recommended products on the results page which makes buying a washing machine simple.

9. Disney Frozen Movie Quiz

Disney have created a few personality quizzes for their movies over the years, this Frozen quiz is a light, easy and fun quiz for anyone to take.

Disney Frozen Quiz

Disney realised that people love to take online quizzes, they are also in the entertainment business so it made sense for them to launch dozens of quizzes to entertain their audience.

What I love about this Disney quiz

The quiz is pretty basic but what I love is the call to action after you’ve taken the quiz. Every single quiz results page says, “Stream this movie on Disney+”. Picture this, you’ve just taken a frozen quiz, you’ve answered some frozen questions, you are now a Frozen character, and there’s only one thing left to do. Watch Frozen on Disney+. It’s the perfect next step.

10. Maybelline Mascara Quiz

Health and beauty products are one of the industries affected most by product returns. This means companies like Maybelline have to create extra tools, resources and content to educate their shoppers before they buy.

Makeup Mascara Quiz

Maybelline uses a very simple, 3-question quiz to help their audience choose mascara. It’s nice and visual and easy to take part. They also have other similar quizzes across other product ranges too.

Why I like this quiz

Once you have taken the quiz, you are presented with one main product recommendation and two extra products. They emphasise one product over the others. This means their customers feel like they have received a personalised recommendation rather than being presented with three equal products to choose from. This simple step should dramatically increase conversions and reduce the overall return rate.

11. Nescafe Coffee Quiz

Nescafe have created a “Find your NESCAFÉ” quiz to help their audience decide which coffee they should drink. It’s a very short, straightforward quiz that uses images throughout to keep their audience engaged.

Coffee Choice Quiz

They have 4, multiple-choice questions that anyone can answer quickly to get their recommended coffee choice. They also have a really nice results page with one main product featured, followed by further recommendations at the bottom of the page.

What I like the most about this coffee quiz?

I think the copy throughout the quiz is fantastic. After you answer each question, they use phrases like:

“You’re a frothy Joy”
“deliciously delicate”
“perfect purist!”
“full bodied, frothy flavoured joy!

Reading fun copy will keep people entertained throughout the quiz, which means more people will stay right to the end.

12. Fatface Clothing Lifestyle Quiz

Out of all the products purchased online, clothing is the number one most returned item…and by a big margin too. It makes total sense for a company like Fatface to launch a quiz to limit the number of returns.

Fatface Ecommerce Quiz

Fatface have a number of quizzes across their website that their customers can take before receiving any specific product recommendations.

What I love about this quiz

My favourite part of the quiz is the story-driven questions that really get you to stick around right to the end.

They take you from waking up in the morning right through to what you do in the evenings. Each question is about your typical day, and the answers you give allow them to recommend a selection of perfect clothing.

I also loved the final question, which is “What would you like to see more of in our collections?” with a blank space to add your comments.

This is always a good question to ask customers, and it’s nice to see Fatface want this feedback.

What can we learn from big brands using quizzes?

As you can see from these big brand examples, there are many ways to use a quiz aside from lead generation. Quizzes have the power to boost engagement, they allow you to learn more about your audience and help your customers make the right buying decision.

If you want to start doing this for your own business using our simple quiz software, try ScoreApp today, you can start for free and cancel at any time.

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