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Boosting Lead Generation for Financial Advisors with ScoreApp: A Case Study

In this case study, we dive into the success story of Phil Calvert, a marketing and sales expert at Philip Calvert Consulting. Phil shares his experience with ScoreApp, a powerful lead generation tool, and how it transformed his approach to attracting leads. Specifically, he utilized ScoreApp to create a LinkedIn health check for financial advisors, resulting in remarkable lead generation outcomes. Let’s explore Phil’s journey and the impact ScoreApp had on his business.

A Specialist

As a specialist in helping financial advisors leverage LinkedIn, Phil Calvert was always on the lookout for innovative lead magnet solutions. That’s when ScoreApp crossed his path, capturing his attention with its unique features and capabilities. Recognizing its potential, Phil quickly realized that ScoreApp could be the game-changer he had been searching for.

Utilizing ScoreApp

With his focus on supporting financial advisors on LinkedIn, Phil harnessed the power of ScoreApp to create a LinkedIn health check. This interactive scorecard provided financial advisors with valuable insights into their LinkedIn profiles, helping them identify areas for improvement and optimization. Phil strategically integrated the LinkedIn health check into his training webinars, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

Impressive Lead Generation Results

During one particular webinar with 120 financial advisors in attendance, Phil concluded his session by directing participants to his ScoreApp LinkedIn health check. The response was astounding. Within a mere 10 to 11 minutes, Phil discovered that 97 leads had flooded his inbox. The conversion rate and speed at which ScoreApp generated leads surpassed his expectations, solidifying its status as the most effective lead magnet Phil had ever encountered.


Phil Calvert’s experience with ScoreApp showcases the significant impact it can have on lead generation for financial advisors. By incorporating the ScoreApp LinkedIn health check into his training webinars, Phil successfully attracted a high volume of qualified leads in a short period. The interactive and personalized nature of ScoreApp’s scorecard proved to be a powerful tool in capturing the attention and interest of financial advisors seeking to optimize their LinkedIn presence. Phil’s case study is a testament to the effectiveness and value of ScoreApp in driving lead generation success for professionals in the financial advisory industry.

Are you ready to elevate your lead generation game? Discover the power of ScoreApp and unlock new opportunities for your business today!

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