9 Interact Quiz Alternatives: Pros, Cons & How to Choose

Interact Quiz Alternatives

Interact is a popular tool to create quizzes and collect data, but it’s not for everyone.

Maybe you’ve already tried it or started looking into it. But you now suspect it won’t match your budget or your business goals?

Not a problem. There are so many Interact alternatives to choose from!

I’ll cover their pros, cons and main focus to help you find the best quiz software for your business.

Interact quiz software overview 

Interact keeps your audience engaged with “BuzzFeed” type quizzes. It allows you to grow your email list, segment it and send personalised product recommendations.

You can also use it to collect data and get to know your audience.

Price – From $39/month ($324 if paid annually)


  • Simple – Interact’s basic templates and simple design make creating a basic quiz relatively easy
  • Integrations – Connect it with 50+ tools 


  • Limited customisation – The Interact quiz builder hasn’t got many options to personalise your quiz landing page and keep it on-brand. You can often tell when a quiz was made with an Interact template as they all tend to look similar
  • Basic scoring – Unlike more advanced Interact alternatives, there’s just an overall score (not a more in-depth and personalised result divided into categories)
  • Limited quiz options – You only have 3 quiz types and questions to play with: multiple-choice, true or false and image-based. If you’re after additional styles, the Interact quiz software is not for you
  • Can be expensive – The cheapest option lacks features that might be essential for you, like matching your branding or tracking conversions. So, you’d probably need the $53 or $125/month plan (which can be A LOT for small businesses and individuals)

9 best Interact quiz builder alternatives 

Now you know exactly what the Interact quiz software can (and can’t) do for you. Does it sound too expensive or limiting?

Then, let’s find the best Interact alternative for you!

1. ScoreApp 

ScoreApp is our quiz-building software, and it’s popular for making your entire quiz funnel easy and more effective.

Free Quiz Software

You’ll get to collect and segment leads, gather loads of juicy data and use it to skyrocket your sales – all automatically.

And unlike more basic Interact alternatives, our Scorecards take quizzes and personalisation to the next level. 

No wonder ScoreApp is used and trusted by 5000+ founders, entrepreneurs and marketers! 

Price – Freemium and from $32/month


  • Drag-and-drop builder – Getting started and launching your quiz will be a breeze. Just use our pre-made templates and intuitive blocks to create your quiz and landing pages
  • AI online quiz maker – ScoreApp was the first quiz software to integrate AI! Use it to create your entire quiz funnel in 3 minutes
  • Versatile – You can create all kinds of quiz types and unlimited questions in a wide range of formats. Think multiple choice, sliding scales, open text and… anything in between!
  • Dynamic results – ScoreApp’s quiz results page will go beyond traditional quiz scores and standalone percentages. They’ll divide them into categories to show your customers what they’re already doing well and what they need help with. You can then send different recommendations or email sequences based on their unique results – and sell more
  • Design control – Add your logo and customise your quiz fonts and colours to fully match your brand
  • Analytics – Our philosophy isn’t “launch a quiz and hope for the best.” We give you analytics that are in-depth but easy to track, even as a beginner. So, you’ll get to measure the success of your quiz and see how you can improve it even further
  • Integrations – Your ScoreApp quiz will work seamlessly with your existing systems, including popular CRMs, email marketing platforms and Zapier
  • 30+ Unique Quiz templates – Our quiz templates are all unique and look completely different. This means that you find a template to match your business needs
  • PDF reports – With higher plans, you can also send customisable PDF reports to your leads
Quiz Data on ScoreApp


  • Whitelabelling – All kinds of agencies and businesses are already using ScoreApp quizzes with their clients. Remove our branding completely, however, is not an option (not at this stage, at least) 
  • Not built for e-commerce – ScoreApp is especially useful to book sales calls or recommend the right next steps for each lead. If you’re looking for an Interact alternative that links specifically to different e-commerce products, e.g. a makeup brand recommending different types of foundation, it won’t be for you

ScoreApp is perfect if you want to provide a fun, valuable way to collect more leads and get more sales.

2. Google Forms 

You can use this basic tool to build surveys and quizzes, too. However, as the name suggests, it’s mostly about creating forms to collect responses and data.

Google Forms Quiz

So, if you were hoping for an Interact alternative to generate leads and boost your sales, it wouldn’t be for you.

Price – Freemium and from $6/month


  • Free – The free plan offers unlimited forms and submissions
  • Intuitive – Use drag-and-drop blocks and simple conditional logic to build your forms
  • Convenient – Most people are already familiar with it: as long as they have a Google account, they also have access to it


  • Limited customisation – You won’t get to match your brand completely (and forms created with this tool are instantly recognisable, too)
  • Lack of integrations – This Interact alternative integrates well with the rest of Google’s apps and products, but that’s about it. So, you can’t link it to your CRM or send emails automatically
  • Basic reporting – You won’t get to measure your results as well as you would with more advanced software
  • No pop-up option – You can link to your form but not fully integrate it with your website
  • Not built for quiz marketing – It does have a basic quiz option, but Google Forms is mostly about collecting data and responses. If you need an Interact alternative to generate and manage leads (and make more sales), it’s not for you

3. SurveyMonkey 

With this software, you can create engaging surveys for market research and customer feedback. 

Survey Monkey Quiz Tool

It also has a basic quiz function. However, it’s not its main focus. So, if you were hoping for an Interact alternative to boost your lead generation, you’d find it limiting.

Price – Freemium and from $25/user/month


  • Simple – It’s fairly intuitive, and you’ll get to use templates and pre-written questions, too
  • Versatile – You can create all kinds of surveys
  • Analytics – Its tracking features are more advanced than the most basic Interact alternatives
  • Integrations – You’ll get to connect SurveyMonkey to pretty much any tool or software you need it for


  • Expensive – Yes, it has a free plan. But it’s better suited as a trial because it has very limited features. Beyond that, you’re looking at at least $25/month for each user or  $99/month for the standard plan
  • Limited customisation – It’ll be trickier to match your branding, and you won’t get to remove the SurveyMonkey logo
  • Only really for surveys – And if that’s all you need it for, it could be a good Interact alternative for you. But if you were also hoping to create a quiz funnel and sell more, it’s not the strongest option

4. Interactive Calculator

Aiming to collect number-based data? Or help your customers figure out how much time or money you can save/earn them? Then the Interactive Calculator might be the right Interact alternative for you.

Interactive Calculator Software

However, if you wanted to create a full quiz or gather other types of data, you wouldn’t have enough options.

Price – Freemium – $29/month ($19 if billed annually)


  • Unlimited calculators – Even with the free plan!
  • Integrations – You can connect it to several third-party apps, including Stripe to collect payments


  • Limited free plan – Unlimited calculators aside, you won’t get any branding options, integrations or additional features 
  • Only for calculators – You won’t really be able to collect other types of data or create a more versatile quiz funnel

5. Quiz Cat

This is a WordPress plugin by Fatcat. It was designed for small businesses, bloggers and marketers looking to engage their audience with simple quizzes. 

Fatcat Quiz for WordPress

It’s not the best Interact alternative to take control of your lead generation. You can certainly use it to make your website more fun, though.

Price – From $69/year


  • Simple – Quiz Cat is intuitive and easy to use thanks to its basic interface
  • Affordable – With a cheap yearly plan, it’s a budget-friendly Interact alternative for beginners
  • WordPress integration – You’ll get to create and manage your quiz through your existing website backend


  • Limited features – At the end of the day, this is a cheap plugin. You won’t get the same features and customisation as more advanced quiz builders. You’ll also need coding to match your brand.
  • Limited integrations – WordPress aside, you can only connect Quiz Cat to 9 third-party tools
  • WordPress dependency – This plugin only works if you have a WordPress website. If you don’t (or might change it in the future), you should choose a standalone quiz maker instead

6. Riddle Quiz Builder

If what you like the most about Interact is its “BuzzFeed” style approach, this could be an interesting alternative for you.

Riddle Quiz Software Example

You’ll get to create simple and engaging quizzes or surveys, especially with a personality format like “What type of entrepreneur are you?”

It’s a good tool for large companies looking to increase engagement – but not as relevant for small businesses and individuals focusing on a full funnel and insightful content.

Price – From $69/month


  • Simple – You won’t need any coding or technical skills to create and manage your Riddle quiz
  • AI integration – Speed up the process using its new AI feature
  • Languages – Excellent if you have an international business with customers all around the world
  • Integrations – Connect your quiz to most CRMs and email marketing platforms, and use it as a WordPress plugin, too


  • Pricing – With the cheapest plan starting at $69/month, Riddle is only really an option for bigger businesses
  • No landing/results pages – It doesn’t offer pre-built landing pages. So, you’ll have to create them on your own website and connect the quiz manually
  • Limited quiz types – Riddle is great for building fun personality quizzes. If you want to go beyond them, though, it might not be the best Interact alternative for you

7. ResponseSuite

This Interact alternative is all about collecting survey replies and using them to segment your audience.

Response Suite Survey Quiz Tool

Even though it’s not a quiz builder, you can work around it by giving scores to each question.

Still, it’s just not its prime focus. So, if you were hoping to get more leads and sales, it might not work for you. I mainly recommend ResponseSuite to gather feedback or (re)engage your list.

Price – Freemium or $49/month


  • Segmentation – It’ll divide your subscribers into categories based on their survey answers. Then, you’ll get to target them with personalised email sequences
  • Question types – ResponseSuite comes with 15 answer types: perfect for creating varied surveys
  • Integrations – You can connect it to most CRMs and email marketing platforms
  • Free plan – It actually includes quite a lot of features, especially when compared to other free options


  • Limited use and customisation – If you need to collect data and segment your audience, it’s a good Interact alternative. But if you want to build a powerful quiz and a full funnel, it might not be for you
  • Learning curve – Compared to most of the best Interact alternatives, ResponseSuite might not be as easy to master
  • Pricing – If you need more than what the free plan offers you, you’re looking at $49 or $69/month

8. QuizAlize

This Interact alternative is all about teaching and e-learning. 

Quizalize Quiz Software for Education

Use it to gamify your lessons and keep your class engaged with fun quizzes. Then, analyse your new data to provide more personalised teaching to each student.

Price – Freemium and from 3.49 per teacher/month


  • Fun learning – QuizAlize is one of the best Interact alternatives for teachers. You can create games and graded quizzes for all age groups, from primary school to university. You then get to give follow-up activities or resources based on each student’s results
  • AI integration – Use ChatGPT to create your quizzes faster
  • Simple – With templates, AI and an intuitive editor, it’ll be easy peasy to create your quizzes


  • Limited use – QuizAlize is entirely focused on teaching. If you want to collect data or generate leads for your business, it won’t work for you

9. Jotform

This is a versatile online form creator for all kinds of businesses. 

Jotform Form Builder

You can use this Interact alternative to gather feedback, collect responses and automate some of your workflows.

Price – Freemium and from $39/month (or $34 if paid yearly)


  • Versatile forms – Use its drag-and-drop design and templates to create the right form for your goals
  • Integrations – You’ll get to embed your forms and connect this software to several CRMs and third-party tools


  • Expensive – You only get 5 forms with the free version, and its premium plans are more expensive than other form-based options
  • Limited customisation – Even though you have lots of themes to choose from, you can’t really match your brand completely
  • Learning curve – Creating a simple form is easy. But several users found its more advanced features a bit too difficult
  • Only for forms – It actually does offer a simple option for quizzes, but it’s very basic. So, it’s not the best Interact alternative to create a full quiz or lead generation funnel

Which Interact alternative is best for your business? 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The best Interact alternative for your business will depend on your requirements and goals.

But if you’re looking for a full quiz funnel to get more leads and sales, the answer is easy: ScoreApp!

Get your quiz live today and for FREE – and watch those leads pour in and your sales go up.

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