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Are you thinking of launching a quiz for your business but not sure where to start?

In this article, you’ll find 32 quiz templates to inspire you across multiple industries.

Each of these quiz templates comes with:

  • A quiz landing page
  • A set of questions
  • A conversion-friendly results page

These templates are all free to use, and you have the option to change all of the copy, images and colours. All you have to do is create a free account and pick from any of the templates below.

1. Recruitment Quiz Template

Want to help your audience find better job roles or improve their interview skills? This quiz template will help you do that whilst providing personalised recommendations.

Job Hire Quiz

Question ideas for a recruitment quiz:

  • Have you updated your CV in the last 6 months?
  • Do you have quantifiable achievements on your CV?
  • Have you attended a job interview or networking event in the past year?

2. The Lead Gen Marketing Quiz for Business Coaches

Do you want to help business coaches improve their marketing? If so, use this quiz template to help them analyse their current efforts and make suggestions on how they can improve.

Lead Generation Quiz Templates

Question ideas for a marketing quiz:

  • Do you currently have a lead magnet (e.g., a free ebook or webinar) to attract potential clients?
  • Are you using social media advertising to target your audience?
  • Do you have a follow-up email sequence for new leads?

3. The Personal Trainer Marketing Quiz

Want to help personal trainers become better marketers? This quiz is perfect for you. Let your audience answer a few questions and receive a score along with personalised recommendations.

Marketing Quiz Template

Question ideas for a personal trainer marketing quiz:

  • Have you used client testimonials in your marketing?
  • Do you offer referral discounts to your current clients?
  • Have you promoted a unique training method or niche specialty?

4. Job Promotion Quiz Template

If you want to help people get promoted in their jobs, this quiz template will help you do that. Your audience can answer a few questions and understand whether or not they are due a promotion. You could also send some free tips and advice about how to do this.

Job Promotion Quiz Template

Question ideas for a job promotion quiz:

  • Have you taken on additional responsibilities in the past year?
  • Have you received positive feedback from your superiors or peers?
  • Have you undergone any additional training or courses related to your role?

5. Change Career Quiz Template

Career Change Quiz
  • Have you felt stagnant in your role for over a year?
  • Do you feel that your values no longer align with the company’s?
  • Has there been a significant change in company leadership or direction that you don’t agree with?

6. Do I Need a Physio Quiz

Physio Quiz Template

Questions ideas for Phsyio quiz:

  • Do you experience persistent pain or discomfort?
  • Have you recently suffered a sports or physical injury?
  • Do you find certain movements or activities painful?

7. Athletic Personality Quiz Template

Want to create a personality quiz for your fitness business? You could build an Athletic profile quiz. You can create specific personality types and base your outcome on how they answer certain questions.

Athletic Personality Quiz Template
  • Do you prefer team sports over individual ones?
  • Do you thrive under high-pressure situations?
  • Do you often set and achieve fitness goals?

8. The Raising Investment Quiz

Want to help your audience raise investment? Start with this investment-worthy quiz template. Ask questions and learn what stage your participants are at when it comes to raising funds.

Raising Capital Quiz

Question ideas for a raising investment quiz:

  • Do you have a clear business plan or proposal?
  • Have you researched potential investors or funding opportunities?
  • Is your business in a growth phase or have a unique selling proposition?

9. The “Sell My Business” Quiz

Help your audience sell their business quicker using this “sell my business” quiz template. Find out if your audience are doing the right things to create a saleable business.

Selling Business Quiz Template

Questions ideas for a “sell my business” quiz

  • Is your business’s financial health stable or growing?
  • Do you have processes in place that allow the business to operate without you?
  • Have you received unsolicited offers or interest in the past?

10. The Accountants Type Quiz

Accountant Quiz Template

Questions ideas for Accountants Quiz:

  • Are your financial records updated regularly?
  • Have you consulted an accountant or financial advisor in the past year?
  • Are you aware of all tax obligations and benefits for your business?

11. The Business Partnerships Quiz

Business Partnerships Quiz Template

Question ideas for a Business Partnerships quiz:

  • Have you identified potential businesses or individuals that align with your brand values?
  • Do you have a clear value proposition for potential partners?
  • Have you had successful partnerships in the past?

12. The Ready to Become Parents Quiz

Become Parents Quiz Template

Question ideas for a parenting quiz:

  • Do you have a stable living situation and financial security?
  • Have you discussed parenting values and approaches with your partner?
  • Are you prepared for the possible challenges of pregnancy or adoption?

13. The Resourceful Marketer Quiz Template

Quiz Template Marketing

Question ideas for the resourceful marketer quiz:

  • Do you regularly seek out new marketing tools and trends?
  • Are you able to adjust your marketing strategies based on results?
  • Do you often repurpose content for different platforms?

14. The Advertising Budget/PPC Quiz Template

Budget Planner Quiz

Questions ideas for PPC quiz:

  • Do you know where your target audience spends most of their time?
  • Have you tested multiple advertising platforms?
  • Do you track the ROI of your advertising campaigns?

15. The Relationship/Love Quiz Template

Relationship Quiz Template

Question ideas for a relationship/love quiz:

  • Do you feel you communicate effectively with your partner?
  • Do both you and your partner feel valued and understood?
  • Are there unresolved issues that you avoid discussing?

16. The Facebook Ads Quiz Template

Facebook Quiz Templates

Question ideas for a Facebook Ads Quiz:

  • Do you have clear goals for your Facebook ads?
  • Have you defined your target audience demographics?
  • Are you familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager interface?

17. The Cash Booster Quiz

Savings Calculator Quiz

Question ideas for a cash booster quiz:

  • Are you aware of all revenue streams in your business?
  • Have you identified areas where expenses can be reduced?
  • Do you have a strategy for increasing customer retention or upselling?

18. The Brand Clarity Quiz Template

Strong Brand Quiz Template
  • Is your brand messaging consistent across all platforms?
  • Do you have a clearly defined unique selling proposition (USP)?
  • Is your brand’s visual identity (logo, colours, fonts) consistent and professional?

19. Is Your Estate in Order Quiz

Estate planning can be stressful if you don’t know where to start. This quiz template will help your audience learn the basics and allow them to feel more in control.

Estate Financial Quiz Template
  • Do you have a will in place?
  • Have you designated beneficiaries for your assets?
  • Are all your financial and legal documents stored safely and accessibly?

20. The Stress Test Quiz Template

Want to help your followers deal with stress more effectively? A stress/anxiety quiz can help with that. Participants can answer questions and get personalised advice based on their answers

Stressed Quiz Template
  • Do you regularly engage in activities that relax or rejuvenate you?
  • Can you identify the primary sources of your stress?
  • Do you have coping mechanisms in place for high-stress situations?

21. The “Which Personal Trainer” Quiz

Personal Trainer Quiz

Question ideas for a personal trainer quiz:

  • Do you know what you want to achieve with a personal trainer?
  • Are you looking for a PT with a specific speciality or methodology?
  • Have you considered factors like location, schedule, and cost?

22. Where to Invest Quiz

Want to help your audience understand the different investment options available? This investment quiz template will help get you started.

Investment Quiz Example

Question ideas for investment quiz

  • Do you have clear financial goals for your investments?
  • Are you familiar with different investment options available to you?
  • Have you consulted with a financial advisor or done your own research?

23. The Hobby Quiz Template

Hobby Quiz Template

Question ideas for a hobby quiz

  • Do you have free time regularly available to dedicate to a hobby?
  • Are you looking for a hobby to relax or to challenge yourself?
  • Have you considered the initial costs associated with starting a new hobby?

24. The Successful Realtor Quiz Template

Realtor Quiz Template

Question ideas for a realtor quiz:

  • Do you keep up-to-date with local property market trends?
  • Do you have a solid network of potential buyers and sellers?
  • Are your marketing materials professional and appealing?

25. The High Achiever Scorecard

Want to help your followers become high achievers? This quiz template can be used just for that.

High Achiever Quiz

Question ideas for a high-achiever quiz

  • Do you set and review goals regularly?
  • Are you constantly seeking opportunities for learning and growth?
  • Do you maintain a high level of discipline in your daily routines?

26. The Faster Learner Scorecard

Want to help your audience improve their learning skills? This “Faster Learner” quiz can help you do that. Ask specific questions and offer personalised guidance using this quiz template.

Learning Style Quiz

Question ideas for a faster learning quiz

  • Do you employ different learning methods (visual, auditory, hands-on)?
  • Do you seek out real-world applications for what you’re learning?
  • Do you review or test your knowledge regularly?

27. The Ready to Start a Business Scorecard

Do you help startups fine-tune their offer and kickstart their business? If so, this startup business quiz will come in very handy.

Launch Business Quiz

Question ideas for startups

  • Have you identified a market need or gap?
  • Do you have a business plan or strategy?
  • Are you prepared for the financial risks and responsibilities of entrepreneurship?

28. The Skilled Negotiator Quiz

Do you help clients negotiate deals? This quiz template will help your audience assess their skills and learn how to improve.

Negotiation Quiz Example

Question ideas for a negotiation quiz

  • Do you prepare thoroughly before entering a negotiation?
  • Do you understand the interests and needs of the other party?
  • Are you skilled at managing your emotions during tense discussions?

29. The Good Leader Quiz

Are you a leadership coach looking for more clients? This “Good Leader” quiz template is a great starting point.

Leadership Quiz Template

Question ideas for a leadership quiz

  • Do you encourage feedback and open communication?
  • Are you able to inspire and motivate your team?
  • Do you lead by example?

30. The Public Speaker Ready Quiz

Do you coach people to become better public speakers? If so, this speaker-ready quiz template will be very useful.

Public Speaking Quiz

Question ideas for a public speaking quiz

  • Have you practiced your speech or presentation multiple times?
  • Are you familiar with your audience and their needs or interests?
  • Have you prepared for potential questions or challenges?

31. The Sales Skills Quiz Template

Help your audience test their sales skills using this pre-made sales quiz template.

Sales Quiz Expert Template

Question ideas for a sales quiz

  • Do you listen actively to potential customers’ needs?
  • Are you able to handle objections confidently?
  • Do you follow up on leads and potential sales opportunities regularly?

32. The Wellbeing Performance Quiz

If you help people to improve their health and wellness, then the well-being performance quiz template is going to be very useful.

Wellness Quiz Template

Question ideas for a well-being quiz

  • Do you allocate time for self-care or relaxation activities weekly?
  • Do you consume a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains most days?
  • Do you engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes, three times a week?

Build your own quiz today

If you are ready to launch your own quiz, why not get started for free. Use any of the templates above and launch your online quiz today.

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