7 Common Problems with Quiz Building Software

Problems with Quiz Software

Building a quiz for your business is a great way to turn cold traffic into warm leads. At ScoreApp we offer an advanced quiz building tool that helps you do just that.

So you might be wondering why we’re writing an article about the problems you might face when building a quiz?

The truth is, not all quiz-building tools are built the same.

A lot of our customers have tried different quiz building tools before ScoreApp. And unfortunately, they’ve wasted time and money wrestling with the wrong software that didn’t give them what they needed.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to tell you the potential problems you might face when choosing an online quiz building tool. These are some things to look out for when choosing the right quiz building software for your business.

That way, you can find the right software for you and your business.

Let’s get stuck in.

1. Some quiz builders don’t offer conversion friendly landing pages

For your quiz to be successful, you’ll want to have an appealing landing page that explains exactly what the quiz is about and the benefits someone would get out of taking it.

The problem is, a lot of quiz builders don’t offer conversion-friendly landing pages as part of their product. Instead, they simply send visitors straight to the quiz questions or allow you to add a pop-up to your website.

Quiz Builder Landing Pages

But that becomes a problem because you’ll want to drive traffic to that particular page. You’ll want to link to it from social media or ads (such as Facebook ads). And a landing page allows you the space to sell the benefits of the quiz.

It also means your end-user isn’t confused. Imagine clicking on a Facebook ad and getting asked some quiz questions straight away. It would be incredibly confusing!

To combat this, you could create your own web page or use landing page software like LeadPages. But this means spending more time and money on new software.

In summary: why is this a problem? 

❌ If you don’t have a landing page you don’t have the opportunity to ‘sell’ your quiz and increase your conversions
❌ If you don’t have a landing page, people will be confused when they click on your quiz from an ad or social media and find themselves straight into the questions
❌ If you do decide to set up a landing page, you’ll have to spend more money and time on new software of web development

How is ScoreApp Different?

ScoreApp is different. We have an easy to use, flexible landing page builder with lots of templates to get you started. Each landing page template is designed specifically for conversions. This means you can be sure that the people you send to your quiz have the best chance of becoming qualified leads.

All the landing page templates are easy to edit and you can choose a theme to suit your business. 

In summary: what do we do differently?

✅ Conversion-friendly landing pages to suit all industries
✅ No extra fees for landing pages
✅ Easy to edit and aimed at non-techies

2. Many quiz building tools don’t offer “dynamic” results

Using a scored quiz builder for lead generation is great because it allows you to give your users scores based on how they’ve answered your questions.

The problem is, some quiz software doesn’t allow you to show “dynamic content,” based on the score that someone receives.

Let’s say someone takes your quiz and scores 30%. Shouldn’t the content they receive on the results page be different to say someone that scores 80%?

But some quiz building software doesn’t allow you to do this. The content is the same for everyone, no matter how they scored.

Dynamic Quiz Builder

But is it such a big deal? We think so. Because if you tailor your content based on someone’s score, you can give them specific advice about how they can improve and even tailor your offer(s) based on someone’s score.

With dynamic content you also get to speak directly to your audience. This means you can speak to their problems and in a way that they understand. The more your content resonates with your audience, the more likely they are to stick around and want to do business with you.

In summary: why is this a problem?

❌ The content on the results page isn’t tailored depending on someone’s score
❌ You miss the opportunity to give someone specific advice
❌ You miss the opportunity to present different products or offers to your users dependent on their score
❌ You miss the opportunity to build more trust with your audience and have them value your advice

Why ScoreApp is different?

When you use ScoreApp, you’ll be able to give specific content to people based on their scores. This means if someone scores 30% you’ll be able to show them different content to someone who scores 80%.

This is your chance to guide your visitor and help them understand what they can do to improve their score.

Another thing you can do with ScoreApp is to offer different calls to action based on a user’s score. This is incredibly useful if you have multiple products or services that are applicable depending on their results.

In summary: what do we do differently to other quiz building software?

✅ You’re able to tailor the content dependent on your user’s overall score
✅ You’re also able to tailor the content dependent on your user’s individual category scores
✅ You can also add different call to actions/offers/products dependent on a user’s score
✅You’re able to easily score users against multiple criteria and categories

3. Some quiz builders don’t allow you to segment your leads

Building a quiz is a fun way to grow your email list but let’s not forget it’s about growing your customer base too. For your leads to become customers, we need to make sure we’re giving the leads relevant content after they have completed the quiz. This is where your email marketing software comes in handy.

Although most quiz building tools allow you to integrate your email marketing software, they often don’t allow you to segment your audience. This means if someone takes your quiz and scores 30% or 50% or 90% then you can only send them the SAME content in your follow-up email sequence.

Quiz Software Email Segmentation

In summary: why is this a problem?

❌ Your follow-up emails aren’t tailored to someone’s score
❌ If your email sequence is the same for everyone who has taken your quiz, it can be too broad

How is ScoreApp different?

As well as showing dynamic content on the results page, ScoreApp allows you to segment your leads based on their particular result.

This means that if someone scores less than 30% on your quiz, you can add them to a different email list than those who score above 30%. You can do this as many times as you like for each score bracket.

For example, you could have a different email sequence for people depending on how they score.

  • If someone scores less than 30%, they get email sequence A
  • If someone scores between 30-50%, they get email sequence B
  • If someone scores between50-70%, they get email sequence C
  • If someone scores over 70%, they get email sequence D

In each email sequence, you could offer different guidance, and most importantly, different products or services that could help them. 

In summary: what do we do differently?

✅ You’re able to segment your quiz users and deliver them different email sequences depending on their score

4. Some quiz building software doesn’t offer personalised support

Many quiz building tools are pretty “hands-off” when it comes to support and setup.

A lot of them don’t offer a personalized service to help you get started and instead, they might offer email contact and live chat. And that’s fine if you have a quick tech question but what if you need more guidance?

There’s more to creating a successful quiz than the tech, although don’t get us wrong, the tech is important!

But actually getting the concept of your quiz right, ensuring you have the right amount of questions, ensuring that your questions and options make sense, etc is hugely important. A lot of quiz builders don’t help you do this. But if you don’t get it right, your quiz may not be successful.

Quiz Software Customer Service

In summary: why is this a problem?

❌ You don’t get advice on where to start with your quiz concept
❌ You don’t learn how to create a quiz that makes it easy for people to finish

Why is ScoreApp different?

For your quiz to be successful, you’ll need much more than tech support. You’ll need to make sure your quiz is intriguing, engaging and it delivers value. Luckily for you, ScoreApp has a variety of ways to support you and help you create a successful quiz.

In summary: what do we do differently?

✅ A free Q&A call where we answer any questions you might have about using ScoreApp
✅ A FREE Facebook group for all customers of ScoreApp where you can ask tech questions and have our community help out
✅ Provide simple training videos showing you exactly how to build your quiz from start to finish
✅ Live chat support and email support if you need it.

Essentially, you have everything you could possibly need to create a highly effective online quiz.

5. The don’t offer specific advice for each category

There are plenty of basic quiz tools out there that will give you a score based on the answers someone provides.

However, this score is usually limited because it won’t show you the specific areas where you need to improve.

For example, telling someone who scores 50% on a quiz that they “need to improve” isn’t helpful as they won’t know which areas they need to focus on.

In summary: why is this a problem?

❌ Your users won’t understand which areas they need to focus on to get better results
❌ Your quiz results page might feel underwhelming to the user who wants more specific guidance

How is ScoreApp different?

ScoreApp offers “categories” for your questions. For example, if you have 30 questions in your quiz, you can split those 30 questions into 3 categories.

This means you can offer specific feedback based on the individual categories rather than the overall score.

Someone could score 80% in one category, but just 30% in another. They’ll be more interested in the results for the 30% and how they can improve

We’ve found that this way, the advice provided on the results page is much more specific and actionable for your audience. They’ll be hugely impressed!

In summary: what do we do differently?

✅ You can create different categories as part of your quiz
✅ Your users will be given a score for each category, and they can clearly see where they need to improve
✅ Your content can also be tailored for each category, giving different tips and advice depending on their score

6. You don’t get much data with some quiz builders

One of the biggest benefits of offering a quiz as a lead magnet is in the data. You get so much data about your lead when they sign up, that you just don’t get with other lead magnets.

Unfortunately, a lot of quiz building software offers very little in the way of data. They may show you basic information such as “How many people completed the quiz” and “average scores,” but they won’t usually give you data on the customer level.

This means you really don’t know much information about your leads and get a good understanding of what they are struggling with.

Quiz Builders Data

In summary: why is this a problem?

❌ You need to understand what your audience is struggling with in order to know how to help them
❌ You need to know if your audience is struggling with a particular question in your quiz, taking too long on the quiz or leaving the quiz early. This will allow you to tweak your copy.

How is ScoreApp different?

ScoreApp provides three levels of data that allow you to learn more about your audience and improve your quiz if something isn’t quite working as it should.

Data overview

You’ll have access to a “dashboard” of your quiz where you’ll see:

  • How many people have started the quiz
  • How many people have completed the quiz
  • A breadkwon of daily leads
  • The number of total visitors to your landing page
  • A lead conversion rate
  • And average of how well people scored on your quiz
  • Average completion time and an average drop off time.

Lead overview

You’ll also have a “Lead overview” page with all the leads that have come through your quiz with the option to export it. On this page, you’ll have access to:

  • A list of all your leads and contact information
  • The date and time each person took the quiz
  • How long it took for each lead to complete the quiz
  • Each person’s individual score
  • You can also search for specific leads using the search field.

Individual lead details

Each person who takes your quiz is unique so it’s only right you’ll be able to see specific information about them. On this page you’ll see:

  • An overview on how they scored for each category
  • The answers they gave for each question in your quiz
  • How long it took your users to answer each question
  • It will also show you if the lead has visited the results page or not

As you can see, the data we provide is extensive and will allow you to spot opportunities to improve your quiz, whilst also helping you to provide more helpful advice to your prospects.

In summary: what do we do differently?

✅ You can see clearly if your users are struggling with your quiz and you can tweak the copy to help
✅ You get a lot of individual data and overall data, presented in a user-friendly way which allows you to further personalise the content and journey for your leads

7. Most quiz builders won’t teach you how to promote your quiz

A lot of quiz building software is just that, “software”. What we mean by this is the software is pretty much all you get. You generally won’t get much advice and guidance on how to effectively promote your quiz.

This is a problem because the success of your quiz is dependent on traffic as well as conversions. It doesn’t matter how good your quiz is, if no one knows it exists, it won’t be successful.

Quiz Building Software Promotion

In summary: why is this a problem?

❌ Building a quiz is just the start! You also have to promote it. And most quiz software companies don’t help you do this.
❌ If you don’t promote your quiz effectively, you won’t gain success from it.

How is ScoreApp different?

At ScoreApp we want your quiz to be successful. This is why we invest time creating training and resources to help you do this.

ScoreApp is more than ‘quiz software’. We’re a community of successful business owners who want to use quizzes to get more leads and sales.

In summary: what do we do differently?

✅ We run regular online training workshops showing you how to make your quiz successful and drive more traffic
✅ We create tools and resources that make it easier for you to promote your quiz
✅ We are active in the Facebook group answering your questions about how to promote your quiz
✅ We produce in-depth case studies showing you exactly how our other customers are growing their business using quizzes

What now?

I’m sure after reading this article you’ll have a good idea of some of the common problems with quiz building software. This is one of the many reasons we decided to launch ScoreApp. We couldn’t find a software out there that offered what we wanted. So we created it ourselves.

If you want to test drive ScoreApp for yourself then click the link below and get a 14 day free trial.

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