How to use a quiz to launch a new product or service

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Launching a new product or service is exciting.

There are so many possibilities, and having a boost in revenue is never a bad thing.

But before you jump into planning or building the new product, you might want to take a moment to make sure it’s the right thing for your audience.

Launching a new product or service takes a lot time, money and effort, so firstly, you want to be 100% sure it’s the right thing to do first.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can plan and create the right product or service using a quiz.

Why products fail to sell

There are many reasons why a new product or service might fail to sell. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • People don’t think they need your product (even if they really do)
  • The product and the benefits are not communicated effectively
  • You don’t have a list of ideal customers waiting to buy
  • The pricing doesn’t match the severity of the problem
Failing to validate product

Most people focus on creating the very best products and services in the hopes that it will deliver more customers. But in fact, the quality of a product alone won’t be enough to drive lots of new sales.

Of course, creating a fantastic product is vital, but it’s not the most important element in getting people to buy in the first place.

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The expert trap

If you have been in your industry for a while, then you probably have lots of knowledge and experience about your topic. You’ll know exactly how your customers or clients can achieve their goals and get results fast.

However, too much knowledge isn’t always a good thing when launching a new product. Your customers don’t have the same mentality as you do, which means their perspective is completely different.

Essentially, what you think they need is not always what they want.

Product communication and Miss-match

Here’s an example…

A fitness coach might want to launch a 7-day fitness retreat in Thailand and run it every 3 months.

Whereas the potential customer might want to exercise daily for 30 mins and not have to travel halfway around the world 4 times per year.

This is a prime example of businesses launching a product that they want, rather than what their customers want.

Using a quiz to launch your products and services

Before jumping in and creating a new product or service, you should launch your quiz FIRST.

Creating a quiz BEFORE developing a product will allow you to do two very important things:

  1. It will allow you to validate the idea by getting people to take the quiz. That way, you’ll know if the topic or messaging is good.
  2. You can ask specific questions to uncover exactly what your audience are thinking and what they want from you.

If a fitness trainer launches a quiz called “Are you ready for a Thailand Retreat?” and they get 10 responses out of 1000 people. Then it’s a good sign that a retreat might not be a good idea.

If that same fitness trainer launches a quiz called “Are you ready to lose weight in less than 30 minutes a day?” and they get 200 responses out of 1000 then it’s clear what your audience want from you.

The great thing about launching a quiz to determine what your audience want is that it takes 1-2 hours. Launching a new product on the other hand, can take 2-4 weeks.

Questions you can ask to determine the best product to create

Understanding your audience better starts with asking the right quiz questions. Below we’ve detailed a few of the questions you can ask as part of your quiz to learn more about your potential customers.

How do you prefer to learn?

This question could be used by a course creator looking to sell digital products. Asking this question will help you determine what kind of product your audience prefers.

Possible answers could include:

A) Pre-recorded video training
B) Live online workshop

What stage are you at in your business?

Perhaps you are a business coach, and you’re looking to create a package to offer your customers. Maybe they’re are established businesses or maybe they’re complete beginners. Without knowing this, it’s difficult to create the perfect package.

Possible answers could include;

A) Less than £100K revenue
B) £100K+ revenue

What’s the main problem you’re trying to solve?

This question is great if you want to understand your audience on a deeper level. You can use this information within your copy, on your salespages and in your emails when presenting a product or service later down the line.

Possible answers could include:

A) You want to be less nervous speaking on stage
B) You want to share your message with the world and attract better opportunities.

What’s your biggest hurdle right now?

Knowing what your audience THINK is vital. Oftentimes, people are hindered by their limiting beliefs. This question can help you uncover what they are so you can approach them on sales calls, landing pages and proposals.

Possible answers could include:

A) You can’t find time to exercise
B) You’ve lost weight, and now your want to be super fit

Alternatively, you could even leave a space for your audience to write their own answer.

What would you be willing to pay for xyz?

Even if you have a great product, your audience still need to be able to pay for it at a price that’s profitable for you. There is no point in creating an incredible product or service if nobody is willing to by it.

Possible answers could include

A) Up to £100 per month
B) Up to £500 per month

What would be your ideal goal, 6 months from now?

This question is perfect for any business looking to launch a product because everyone has a goal they want to accomplish. This question will help you cut through the noise and get the exact solution your audience want.

Possible answers could include:

A) Spend more time with your family
B) Work with the biggest companies in the world

These questions should be used sparingly throughout your quiz. Most of the questions will be informative and educational and allow you to score the person. But try to include 2-3 of the questions above to help you understand more about these people.

Highlight the pain and frustration

One of the most useful things about using a quiz or assessment tool is that it helps your audience understand their problems clearly and also highlights the pain and frustration it’s causing them. Going through your quiz, it heightens the need to solve the problem sooner.

Highlight Audience Pain and Frustration

This person is now extremely warm and eager to learn more about your ideas, products and services. They are the perfect lead.

Imagine having 30-100 people going through your quiz and feeling this exact same way. Eager and hungry to solve their problem.

Even if you don’t yet have your product launched when they complete your quiz, you have more than enough information to serve these people better. And when it is launched and ready, these quiz leads will be the first in line to buy from you.

Looking back at the reasons people don’t buy from, can you understand why a quiz can help solve these problems?

  • People don’t think they need your product (even if they really do)

Now you know that a quiz will help you understand what your audience think and feel

  • The product is not communicated effectively.

A quiz will help you craft the right language and pain points for when marketing the product or service.

  • You don’t have a list of ideal customers waiting to buy

When you use a quiz, you are actively collecting customer data in the process, so you now have a list of eager customers.

  • The pricing doesn’t match the severity of the problem

Asking the right questions throughout your quiz will help you determine how much pain and frustration the problem is causing your audience.

Building a Quiz

After reading this article, I’m sure you now understand why it’s much faster and more effective to build a quiz BEFORE you launch a new service.

By using the information you’ve gathered as part of the quiz, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to best serve your audience.

Remember to review the quiz data and answers that your audience gives so you can create the perfect product or service for them.

If you want to create a quiz today to validate and test your product idea, use the link below and start a free trial.

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