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How Tj Power landed multiple extra contracts using a scorecard

TJ is the Co-Founder at Neurify, which helps employees & students enhance their mental health.

His goal is to help improve the quality and impact of their mental health training in the world. 

ScoreApp was used to:

  • Plan the training product and mental health service. The rich data gained from the first scorecard informed Neurify on what they should be delivering. 
  • Test the effectiveness of the service. By benchmarking before and after the work had been done, they could see how effective their project had been.
  • Win new projects. By having measurable evidence of the effectiveness of their programmes, they were able to gain new contracts with similar businesses.

Here from TJ below…

Neurify’s mission is to help people improve their mental well-being and resilience through interactive and engaging workshops and courses. They use a variety of tools and methods to create customized solutions for our clients, depending on their needs and goals.

How TJ supported his client using a scorecard

Last year they had this big project with a school in Switzerland called La Rosey, and this school was going through a full school mental health training package where all the students and all the staff were learning all about how mental health works in our modern world, the kind of things that are creating the challenges and the kind of solutions that could really help this school, their staff, their kids with mental health. 

Tj and his team went deep into the conversation of phones, social media, porn, exercise, health, food, work and focus, all these big topics among young people.

ScoreApp was helpful because it gave him the ability to test the entire school before the project even began.

20 simple questions that delivered impressive insights

All the students went through this 20-question test that gave some really good insights into their brains and their mental health. There was a  specific focus on teaching young people about their brain chemistry, which you may have heard of: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, and they used ScoreApp to do a behavioural test so they could get a good idea as to the kind of challenges they were facing and the areas that the kids were already doing quite well on. With this information, they could then design the bespoke teaching that would most benefit the students.

How TJ used the data from the scorecard

Tj used ScoreApp to garner rich data to then inform their mental health programme and teaching.

Over a two-month period, the school went through training with Neurify, then went out to Switzerland to work closely with all of these students. After the training was complete, they did another test to find out how effective the work and training had been and where the value was.

Was TJ’s client happy with the results?

The school got some awesome results: lots of data on motivation, focus, how much porn was being watched, relationship with their phones, relationship with social media, a huge amount of metrics that, for Neurify, gave them real validity as to the training that they were delivering.

And for the school in Switzerland, the project gave them a lot of reassurance to the value that Neurify had provided. Tj believes:

“this use of ScoreApp has been absolutely integral. One of the most important parts of the teaching that we delivered” 

The project and the use of ScoreApp has led to a further contract with this school and future opportunities within Switzerland and a number of other schools as well.

“ScoreApp, a big, big thank you. We’re super happy to have this data and excited to see how we can continue to evolve this in the future.” – TJ Power

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