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Transforming Lives with ScoreApp: A Body Transformation Success Story

Success with ScoreApp: Over 800 Responses

As a premium body transformation company with a mission to radically change the lives of its members, RNT Fitness faced a significant challenge in effectively qualifying leads and setting the right expectations. However, since integrating ScoreApp into their sales process in 2019, their transformation journey took a remarkable turn, leading to unprecedented success.

The Power of the Body Transformation Quiz

The body transformation quiz became the pivotal first step for every client’s journey. With over 5,877 people having taken the quiz, it proved to be an essential component of the sales process. ScoreApp’s user-friendly quiz marketing software allowed our client to benchmark potential clients against three crucial categories: commitment, consistency, and coachability.

Impressive Results

The results speak for themselves. With an average of 209 leads per month and a conversion rate of 13.6%, our client experienced exceptional growth. In one of their best months, they obtained a staggering 499 leads, highlighting the effectiveness of the quiz in attracting and engaging the right audience.

Personalised Nurturing and Enhanced Sales Process

For those leads who didn’t immediately convert, ScoreApp provided invaluable data to create personalised nurturing funnels. The ability to offer a tailored experience allowed our client to set the right expectations and provide ongoing support throughout the transformation journey. By leveraging the power of ScoreApp, their clients made the best possible decision for their body transformation.

Streamlined and Efficient

One of the standout features of ScoreApp is its ease of use. With the new and game-changing AI capabilities, setting up a quiz takes a matter of minutes. This efficiency enabled our client to focus on what truly matters: transforming lives and delivering exceptional results. For any service-based business aiming to grow with the right clients and a seamless sales process, ScoreApp is an absolute no-brainer.

A monumental shift

Thanks to ScoreApp, our clients have experienced a monumental shift in their sales process and achieved unparalleled success in their body transformation programs. The body transformation quiz became the gateway to their clients’ journeys, effectively qualifying leads and setting the stage for life-changing transformations. By leveraging ScoreApp’s powerful features, personalised nurturing, and seamless setup, our client revolutionised their business and continues to make a significant impact in the health and fitness industry.

Discover how ScoreApp can transform your business today. Set up your own quiz and experience the game-changing results.

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