What is a ‘Scorecard’ ?

The following article describes what we at ScoreApp mean when we use the term ‘Scorecard’.

Unlike other questionnaire platforms where the primary goal is for you the business owner to collect information from people, at ScoreApp we flip this on it’s head and make the primary goal of a scorecard to deliver genuine insights and value to the people who fill it in. 

When done well, this makes the questionnaire itself the lead magnet. A win win value exchange for your potential customers and for your business.

The core way we do this within ScoreApp is by making it easy for you to group your questions into categories, and assign each question/answer a score or weighting. When someone then answers your questions, our system automatically calculates the overall score achieved as well as a score across each of the categories. 

For example if you were a business coach working with clients to scale their business, you might ask questions across finance, marketing and operations. You could create these as categories within ScoreApp and then add in the relevant questions. When somebody completes your Scorecard they’ll receive their total ‘scalability’ score, as well as separate scores against finance, marketing and operations.

We then make it easy to create beautifully designed result pages that are displayed instantly to your leads where you can provide valuable feedback based on how they scored. You can add charts, traffic light systems, feedback and tips based on scoring high / medium / low, videos, your calendly embed, you name it.  And all of these things can be different based on how people score.

You can even create an entire dynamic PDF that gets automatically generated and delivered straight to peoples inbox.

Now that you have a valuable lead magnet you’re going to need to tell people about it so we make this simple too. Right within the ScoreApp platform you can create compelling landing pages that encourage your visitors to complete your Scorecard and get their results and feedback.

So if you wrap all of this up… landing pages, a series of questions, dynamic result pages and PDFs, all beautifully designed and on brand… this is what we call a Scorecard. And with an advanced plan on ScoreApp you can create and launch up to 3 completely different Scorecards!

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