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Affiliate Bonus up for grabs: an extra $500 in your pocket, just for referring ScoreApp.

Hello ScoreApp Affiliates! We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity that not only appreciates your loyalty but also rewards your efforts. It’s time to turn the tables – instead of you paying for ScoreApp, let us pay you!

The Big Opportunity

We’re giving away a generous $500 bonus exclusively for our affiliates! The challenge is simple and rewarding: refer 10 new paying customers to ScoreApp, before July 31st and the extra cash is yours.

The Challenge Details

Starting from Monday, 13th November, your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves referring 10 new paying customers. Achieve this, and not only will you earn a handsome $500 bonus, but you’ll also be eligible for a minimum of 25% monthly recurring commission from these referrals.

New to ScoreApp?

It’s free to become an affiliate and sign up to ScoreApp. You can sign up for a free account here. To access your affiliate portal simply log-in > accounts > referrals.

How to Get Started

Terms & Conditions

  • To qualify for the bonus, your 10 referrals must be new, paying customers who are active concurrently.
  • Any affiliates who achieve this, on or before, July 31st will receive the bonus payment 31 days after their 10th subscriber completes their first month’s payment.
  • The challenge period is from 13th November 2023 to 31st July 2024.
  • ScoreApp reserves the right to revoke the offer in case of fraudulent activities.

Need Assistance?

We’re here to help you set up a compelling campaign. Simply email the Partners team [email protected] for any support you might need.

This is an exciting time to be a ScoreApp affiliate. Your effort and loyalty deserve to be rewarded, and what better way than this exclusive giveaway? Start sharing, start earning, and let’s make this a win-win!

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