Product Updates December ’20

New Lead View

This month we have launched a complete revamp of the individual leads view. The goal is to make it easier to see your lead data at a glance and quickly identify opportunities.

Activity Tab

As well as the shiny new look we’ve added an activity tab which shows page views for each time the person looks at the report. We plan to add more to this to show email sends, and CRM activity in the future.

New ‘Opt In’ settings

We have also simplified the ‘opt in’ settings. They work in the same way as before but the options are simpler with an added explanation. We also now store all the relevant information against each lead so we know specifically how they opted in and what they opted in to.

Question Performance Reports

Advanced users can now view question performance reports that highlight the abandonment rate of each question and the average length of time taken to answer within a specified date range. Super useful if you’re finding lots of people starting but not finishing your scorecard. This will enable you to improve your Scorecard with real data.

Change Email Option

A great new feature we have added this month is the ability for your leads to change their email address from the results page. Often leads will put in a fake email address, but then get to the end, see the value and want to provide a proper email to get the full results or report emailed to them. This allows them to quickly make the change improving the quality of data you receive.

Email Sign up Options

You can now push the sign up form to be completed after the quiz questions. The results are teased in the background behind a blur effect requiring sign up to see the full results.

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