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Everyone loves the Bunkie Life

David Fraser – CEO & Founder, Bunkie Life, Author, Dragons Den survivor and fast becoming one of Canada’s most over subscribed businesses.


A ‘Bunkie’ originates from Ontario, Canada and is a small log cabin that can be built in a weekend without a permit or second mortgage and can be used as a guest house, office or AirBNB.

Bunkie Life was founded in 2018 by avid Bunkie user David Fraser and helps families create extra space for more meaningful connection.

“Our business has tripled every year since using ScoreApp” – David Fraser, CEO & Founder. 

The Challenge

Bunkie Life burst onto the scene with a unique product and a powerful media strategy. Although the business was in its infancy and the enquiries started to roll in, it was clear to David that there was a lot of excitement but not enough people were in a position to buy.

With a Bunkie as a relatively unknown concept it was imperative that the Bunkie Life team was equally as focused on education as it was on promotion. This way they could set expectations, gauge buyer readiness and manage the incoming enquiries effectively. 

The Solution

David created the Scorecard ‘Are you ready for the Bunkie life?’ with the clear strategy of creating an Evergreen asset that segmented their incoming leads by testing people against their knowledge, situation and lifestyle.

Armed with information and data on their areas of strengths & weaknesses, each person was added to an email nurture campaign in accordance to their score. The most promising prospects received a call from the bunkie team while the others were fed free educational material that would help them along their journey. Win Win.


Bunkie Life have used video and media to their advantage with David’s family at the heart of his business. His young daughter Evie is one of the stars of the show. 

By setting up his Scorecard, David was aided in identifying the top 20 questions that he needed to know about someone to ascertain if they would be a viable Bunkie Lifer. This of course saved a huge amount of time and allowed the business to turn the marketing tap on. 

The Results

One of their latest campaigns (Jan/Feb ‘22) has seen over 13,000 leads and climbing with an almost unmatched 97% conversion rate. 

They’ve tripled revenue year on year since launching their Scorecard;  

2019 – £800,000

2020 – £2.4m

2021 – £7m 

Over 50% of all sales have come through the Scorecard. That equates to 3.5 million in 2021. 

Secured £1,000,000 in Dragon’s Den investment from all 5 Dragons in 2021.

“ScoreApp has just been awesome for the scale of our business” – David Fraser, CEO & Founder.

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