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For health and fitness there’s just one thing: use a scorecard

Enhancing Health and Fitness with ScoreApp: Ben’s Journey

We love hearing how ScoreApp makes a positive impact on users’ lives and businesses. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Ben Price from Wittering’s Fitness, a dedicated fitness coach with a unique approach to health and wellness.

Is there just one thing?

Ben often gets questioned about the one thing people can do to improve their health and fitness. However, he firmly believes there’s not just one magic solution but rather a combination of 25 essential factors. This belief led him to use ScoreApp to simplify and consolidate these key elements into one powerful tool.

Ben uses ScoreApp as a means to check in with his clients and as a lead generation tool for potential new clients. His ScoreApp scorecard is a valuable resource for both his existing members and those looking to improve their health and fitness.

Adding Value and Generating Leads

ScoreApp has become a valuable addition to Ben’s fitness coaching business. It serves as a value-add for his existing members who are on a journey to lose weight and get fit. Additionally, it functions as an excellent lead generation tool. Ben even has his scorecard printed on business cards that he distributes to potential new members.

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