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Mastering Masterclasses with ScoreApp: A Success Story

Waitlists are the future of business.

According to Brian Miller, the brains behind Clarity Up Consulting, believes waitlists are the future of business – and he can prove it.

Brian helps experts and leaders supercharge their communication skills and recently using ScoreApp he’s transformed his conversations and boosted his confidence when sending sales and nurture emails. How? A simple waitlist to collect just a few pieces of data on each lead has changed everything.

Day-to-day Brian Miller, helps leaders communicate in the most powerful and effective way. But today, he’s sharing a different kind of success story. One that involves ScoreApp, a game-changing tool that turned his virtual masterclass registration into an incredible journey.

Over to Brian…

The Challenge: an exclusive and personalised experience

Our goal was clear: to provide an exclusive and personalised experience to our masterclass attendees, even though the event was free. We wanted to cap attendance at just 20 participants, ensuring each one felt like they had a VIP ticket. However, we hit a roadblock trying to figure out how to limit attendance using ScoreApp.

The Frustration

Frustration set in, and we contemplated going back to the traditional route with standard landing pages, hosted on our website, or relying on platforms like Eventbrite or Zoom for registration. But deep down, I knew there was untapped potential in ScoreApp’s self-assessment and scoring system.

The Solution

Determined to unlock ScoreApp’s power, I turned to the ScoreApp Facebook group for advice. That’s where someone recommended Daniel Priestley’s waitlist approach. The idea was to leverage ScoreApp’s landing page to build a waitlist, capture details, and eventually sell the masterclass to those on the list.

The Success

We took the leap, created landing pages, and promoted the waitlist through just a couple of social media posts and emails to a modest newsletter with 500 subscribers. The response was staggering – we quickly gathered 100 eager individuals on the waiting list. We then opened a free Facebook group for waitlist members, and 60 of them joined right away.

When registration day arrived, our free masterclass sold out in an astonishing 27 minutes! The demand was so high that disappointed individuals begged to attend, and we witnessed the birth of enthusiastic fans. What’s more, at the end of the masterclass, five attendees immediately bought tickets to our next paid workshop, priced at $800 per ticket. Four others from the original waitlist followed suit, and we anticipate selling out the workshop in advance.

The Lesson

The lesson learned here is clear: waitlists are the future of business. Collecting just a few pieces of data on each lead has transformed our conversations and boosted our confidence when sending sales and nurture emails. Thanks to ScoreApp, we’ve discovered a new way to engage and excite our audience.

So, consider me a ScoreApp convert. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer that has revolutionised the way we approach our audience. The success of our masterclass is proof that with ScoreApp, the possibilities are endless, and your business can thrive in unexpected ways.

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