How to Generate Leads from Content

The number one challenge facing content creators in the 2020s is how to generate leads from the content they create. So, how do you turn anonymous followers into leads, meaningful conversations, and business? We give our top tips below.

Content can be used to send a message, build an audience, develop relationships, and earn clients. The creation of good quality content can be time-consuming, and often requires a balance of creativity, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the current terrain of your sector or industry. 

This isn’t an easy thing to develop and maintain, but, if you’re able to balance these things and deliver them in ways that are insightful, interesting, and engaging, you’ll have the ability to demonstrate your expertise through the content you produce, amass a following of users who look to you as a thought leader in your industry, and, ultimately, generate leads from content.

Many content creators face frustration when trying to generate leads from content and turn their content into a viable business. You’re putting out your best ideas, your knowledge, and the insight from years of experience, and you’re giving it all away, often for free. You’re creating an audience of engaged followers, and you’re committing time and resource to do so; and, while this is a fantastic thing to do, without being able to generate leads from content or drive sales from your audience, you’re not able to see the time and resource you put into your content pay you back to its full potential. 

This is the number one challenge that content creators in the 2020s are facing: they’re often unsure of how to take the audience that they’ve worked so hard to develop and nurture, and turn anonymous followers into meaningful conversations and real business relationships.

In order to properly leverage and generate leads from content, you need to be able to take the interest that your engaged audience is showing by engaging with you and turn it into personally identifiable data that can be used to spark conversations and lead to sales. 

Once you’re effectively using your content to drive personal interaction, your content will begin to pay huge dividends on the hard work you put into developing it. You’ll be able to tap into your audience and identify potential customers and clients based on the signals that they’re giving you from engaging with the content that you’ve created. We’ve created a piece of technology that enables content creators to do just this – generate leads from your content.

ScoreApp is an awesome new piece of technology that allows content creators to create their own Scorecard. Scorecards benchmark people on whatever the content creator is an expert on. The person answers a set of questions, and based on their answers they are given a score about how they performed. They are then given results and advice relevant to them based on how they answered the questions (for example, recommendations, or areas for improvement).

Scorecards are a great hook at the end or in the middle of content to get your audience to take action. Content creators can direct their readers, watchers, or listeners to their scorecard from within the content. For example, at the end of a podcast, the host could say ‘for more information that’s personalised to you, take my Scorecard’. This encourages the audience to go and take the Scorecard, and in doing so signal their interest in working with the content creator. 

It’s a win-win, as the audience gets something that’s interesting to them, personalised, and of value, and the content creator is able to turn their anonymous audience into personal data that allows them to start a conversation – generating leads from content.

When someone takes a scorecard, in addition to basic information like email and name, the content creator gets all the answers to the questions in the Scorecard. This means not only can they personalise their follow up to the individual based on what they know about them, but they can also spend their time only following up with those people who they know are more likely to buy from them.

ScoreApp was designed to bridge the gap for people who are great at creating content but need to turn that content into leads and sales. Head over to our homepage to see how the technology works and how you can generate leads from content. We also have some example Scorecards you can take and a demo video that explains how it all works and how to set up a Scorecard for yourself. 

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