How many quiz questions should you ask as part of your lead generation quiz?

How many quiz questions to ask

How many questions should you ask as part of your quiz?

This is something you will need to ask yourself before launching your lead generation quiz.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the different options and tell you exactly which option to choose, depending on your circumstances.

Let’s get into it…

Ask the right questions…

Yes, asking the right number of questions is important, but it’s also vital that the quality of questions is good.. Even if you have a super short quiz with 2-3 questions, you still need to make sure that the questions are simple and easy to answer. If not, people will leave before they even finish.

If you want some quiz question examples, check out this article which includes 84 quiz questions to inspire you.

How many quiz questions should you ask?

Below, I’ve broken down three options and some examples to help you decide between a short, standard and long quiz. That way, you can ensure you keep your audience happy and excited to take part.

Short Quiz 1-5 questions

A very short quiz could consist of 1-5 questions. This could be used after someone has registered for an event or purchased a product to ask some clarifying questions and do some extra research on your audience. You also see shorter quizzes being used on ecommerce websites to allow customers to get recommended products based on their quiz answers.

Pros of a short quiz

Using a short 1-5 question quiz means:

  • More people will complete the quiz, so you get more people to your offer or “next step” in your process
  • It’s easy to answer, and people will take more care when answering.

Cons of a short quiz

Asking fewer questions also means:

  • You don’t get to understand the person fully, and you might miss opportunities
  • The person might not be as committed to solving the problem if you don’t fully explore their current situation

A standard quiz 5-15 questions

A standard quiz consists of 5-15 questions. You see these used a lot for personality quizzes and online trivia quizzes. They are relatively easy to answer and often use a variety of different question types such as Scale questions, multiple choice, picture questions and much more.

Pros of standard quiz

Asking 5-15 questions means:

  • It’s short enough that people will still complete it
  • You get to understand your audience much better because you ask more questions
  • You can build more rapport through your questions and how you word them

Cons of standard quiz

  • You can’t really do a deep dive or full assessment of your audience’s needs.
  • The results and guidance won’t be as valuable as a longer, more in-depth quiz.

Long quiz 15-40 questions

A long quiz consists of 15-40 questions and offers a detailed assessment of their situation and needs. It’s often used to understand someone’s situation fully and offer specific solutions based on their answers.

Pros of a long quiz

  • You can provide the best possible results and guidance to your audience as the questions reveal a lot about them.
  • You get way more data so can offer ultra-relevant products and services after they’ve taken the quiz.

Cons of a long quiz

  • Long quizzes often have a bigger drop-off rate, meaning they don’t complete the quiz

Quiz Examples

Now that we’ve looked at the different options available, let’s look at a few examples of where you might use short, standard and long quizzes.

1. Ecommerce Quiz – Selling office chairs.

Audience – people looking to improve their work and health by choosing the perfect office chair for them
Quiz name – Get your perfect office chair.
Recommended Quiz type – Short 1-5 questions asking about their needs e.g. How tall are you? What size is your office space? Do you have hardwood flooring or carpet?

2. Pre-webinar quiz – Improve productivity

Audience – Busy professionals and entrepreneurs looking to improve their time management and increase productivity
Quiz name – Discover Your Personal Productivity Style
Recommended Quiz type – Short 1-5 questions after webinar registration asking about work habits, preferred organization tools, and productivity challenges e.g. Are you a morning or night person? What type of organisational tools do you currently use? What is your biggest productivity challenge?

3. Travel agency – Specialising in curated vacation packages

Audience – Adventurous travellers looking for unique experiences tailored to their interests
Quiz name – Uncover Your Dream Vacation
Recommended Quiz type – Short 1-5 questions asking about their travel preferences, budget, and desired experiences e.g. What type of traveller are you? What is your ideal travel budget? Which activities do you enjoy most while travelling?

4. Personality quiz – To build awareness for an entrepreneur community

Audience – Budding entrepreneurs who are looking for a supportive community to be a part of to grow their business
Quiz name – What type of entrepreneur are you?
Recommended quiz type – Standard quiz 5-15 questions that ask about their preference and a few probing questions. E.g. How do you like to learn? Do you want to win at all costs? Would you rather be well-known or quietly wealthy?

5. Digital marketing agency – Looking to help their audience market their business

Audience – Businesses looking to improve their online presence and generate more leads
Quiz name – Discover Your Custom Digital Marketing Strategy
Recommended Quiz type – Standard 5-15 questions asking about current marketing efforts, target audience, and goals e.g. What digital marketing channels do you currently use? Who is your target audience? What is your primary marketing goal?

6. Cybersecurity consulting firm – Helping people to protect their business

Audience – Companies concerned about data security and wanting to improve their cybersecurity measures
Quiz name – Assess Your Company’s Cybersecurity Needs
Recommended Quiz type – Standard 5-15 questions asking about current security measures, potential threats, and compliance requirements e.g. What type of data does your company handle? Have you experienced a security breach in the past? Are there any specific compliance standards you need to meet?

7. Corporate training and development company

Audience – Companies looking to improve employee performance and productivity through targeted training programs
Quiz name – Develop a Tailored Employee Training Program
Recommended Quiz type – Longer 15-40 questions asking about current employee performance, training goals, and preferred delivery methods e.g. What are your company’s main training objectives? What skill gaps are you trying to address? Which training delivery methods are you most interested in?

8. Corporate sustainability consulting firm

Audience – Companies looking to improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance
Quiz name – Assess Your Corporate Sustainability Strategy
Recommended Quiz type – Longer 15-40 questions asking about current ESG performance, goals, and initiatives e.g. How would you rate your company’s current sustainability performance? What specific ESG goals do you have in mind? What sustainability initiatives are you currently implementing or planning?

How many questions should you ask as part of your quiz?

As you can see, the number of questions will vary depending on your goals. But hopefully, you’ll now be able to work out how many questions you’ll want to ask as part of your quiz.

Yes, it’s important we provide value, but we also need to respect people’s time.

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