Interact vs ScoreApp. Which is the best quiz software?

Interact Quiz Software vs ScoreApp Quizzes

If you want to generate more leads, launching an online quiz is a great idea.

Lead generation quizzes are interactive, fun and they convert really well compared to other types of lead magnets.

However, there are multiple quiz tools available, and it’s not always easy to know which quiz software is right for you.

In this article, we compare two of the best quiz tools on the market, ScoreApp (that’s us) and Interact.

Full disclosure, ScoreApp is our software, and we’ve built it based on what we believe is necessary to create a successful and powerful quiz. But, we are also realistic and understand that while we feel it’s fantastic, it’s not going to be the right choice for every business.

Which quiz software is the best? Interact or ScoreApp?

We want you to be sure that you are choosing the right quiz software for your business. To do this, we want you to have all the information in an unbiased article so you can choose the right software for you.

ScoreApp vs Interact: what are the main differences?

You might think all quiz software is pretty much the same, after all, they all give you a…quiz.

But there are some distinct differences in the functionality and usability of different quiz platforms. And until you start using the software, it’s not always clear what is and isn’t included.

So using our experience, we’ve outlined the most important features to consider with quiz software and how ScoreApp differs from Interact.

We’re going to compare the two on a number of factors:

So let’s get into it…

1. Interact quiz landing pages or ScoreApp’s

Having a good quiz landing page is vital if you want more people to take your quiz and stay until the end.

People are naturally cautious when handing over their contact information, and they want to make sure it’s going to be worth their while before they do.

This means you need a high-quality landing page to explain what your quiz is all about and why someone will benefit from taking part. You could include the following:

  • Main heading and benefit
  • Sub-headings that delve deeper
  • Relevant images
  • Extra bonuses
  • Explanation of how participants will be scored
  • Bullet lists of what they’ll receive once they’ve completed the quiz
  • Testimonials from people who have taken the quiz

You might ask yourself, do I really need all that to create a quiz landing page?

Even though your quiz is “free” to take part, it still takes time to fill out your quiz and answer the questions. People are much more likely to do this (and value the results) if you provide more context and explain the benefits.

So, what’s the difference between ScoreApp landing pages and Interact landing pages?

ScoreApp quiz landing pages

At ScoreApp we really pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful, high-converting landing pages for quizzes.

We have a full library of quiz landing page templates to choose from that can be set up in a matter of minutes if you don’t have time to set up your own. And, if you want to customise, there are over 50 individual sections such as image banners, testimonials, call-to-action boxes, videos, and much more so you can create the exact landing page you want.

Quiz landing page templates

Plus, you can create more than one landing page, allowing you to split-test multiple messages or tailor pages for different audiences.

ScoreApp has also recently launched an AI quiz builder which automatically builds a landing page for you so you get your quiz live in just a few minutes.

Interact landing page

Interact does allow you to create landing pages (which is a plus), however, the landing pages are very basic and the design options are substantially more limited than ScoreApp.

Interact Quiz Landing Page

In fact, Interact actively recommends that you create a landing page via third-party software such as Unbounce, Leadpages, or Instapages and embed the quiz code on the landing page. This is a potential workaround if you are looking for a high-functioning landing page. Unfortunately, this adds extra complexity as you’ll need multiple tools to launch your quiz. Not to mention that it’s an additional cost.

Third-party tools are also not focused on quizzes, this means if you end up using Unbounce for your landing page, then you’ll probably have to create a quiz landing page from scratch or mess around adapting what they have available.

So, while Interact does have the option of landing pages, it isn’t a major focus for them.

Interact Quiz Landing Pages vs ScoreApp… who wins?

This round goes to ScoreApp, as there is a big focus on the importance of high-converting and easy-to-create landing pages.

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Interact’s quiz functionality vs ScoreApp

Not all quizzes are created equal, and there are multiple different types of quizzes available, including:

  • Scored Quiz Software
  • Personality Quiz
  • Trivia Quizzes

Scored quizzes help your audience assess themselves in a particular area by answering some questions. After answering, the results page would present them with a score and how to improve on it. For example, Accountants could use a scored quiz with the title: “Find out the financial health of your business”.

Personality quizzes put you into “groups” based on your answer, using an “associate score”. Examples include things like:

  • What Star Wars character are you?
  • What type of quiz should you use? (meta)

Fun, but they don’t always add the most value from a business perspective.

And finally, Trivia quizzes are usually made just for fun to test your knowledge rather than for business. You can create these for free online, so don’t usually need specific software.

You’ll want to know what type of quizzes you can create with any software before you commit to buying it. If you buy software that doesn’t do what you need it to, then you could end up wasting time and money.

ScoreApp quiz functionality

At ScoreApp, we mainly focus on scored quizzes (hence the name), as this is the area we think offers the most value to business owners. You can create basic scored quizzes that calculate your score based on the correct answers but we also allow you to create advanced quizzes that score you based on categories.

Different quiz type

E.g. you scored 37% in “nutrition” but 84% in weight training”

You can also easily create personality quizzes, to put people into groups based on their answers.

ScoreApp can easily be used for Trivia quizzes too, but it might be overkill for something that’s not going to generate income like a business quiz.

Interact quiz functionality

Interact offers standard personality quizzes along with basic scored quizzes.

Interact Features

However, if like most businesses you opt for a scored quiz, you’ll find less functionality with Interact. They’ve gone for a “broader” approach to quiz software, with a big emphasis on fun personality quizzes.

Which quiz tool has the best functionality?

ScoreApp easily wins this round as the functionality is far more advanced and allows you to go deeper with the scoring.

Interact vs ScoreApp – Ease of use

No one needs another software with an intense learning curve. While it might take a bit of getting used to, quiz-building software should be intuitive and easy to use – helping you save time rather than cost you it.

Some things to consider are…

Does the quiz software come with easy-to-use pre-built templates or not?

Do they allow you to install the templates easily and edit them with a few clicks?

Creating a quiz from scratch will take much more time, but it also needs to be customisable so it looks and feels like something from your brand.

Another thing to consider is the usability of the landing page builders, as this will be a powerful contributor to quiz conversions.

ScoreApp ease of use

ScoreApp have recently launched our AI quiz builder, which means you can build your entire quiz in less than 3 minutes flat. It doesn’t get easier than that.

AI Scorecard Quiz

Once it’s been built, you can then go into the quiz and make your final changes using our simple editor.

Simple quiz builder

We also have over 25, fully-customisable landing page templates to choose from, you can easily switch between designs and start getting leads the very same day.

The entire software is designed to be as simple, yet powerful as possible.

ScoreApp has also just launched an AI quiz builder that allows you to build a incredible quiz in less than 3 minutes.

Interact ease of use

Interact comes with over 800 pre-made templates, tailored to specific industries and topics to help you get off the ground quickly. Their drag-and-drop branching logic makes it easy to visualise the quiz from start to finish.

Interact User-Friendly

However, as mentioned the landing page software is less intuitive and may take you longer to use. And if you decide to use external landing page software then there is a bit of tech “know-how” to embed the quiz within the landing page.

Is Interect or ScoreApp easier to use when building a quiz?

ScoreApp wins on this one as both the quiz and landing page software are fully customisable and easy to use.

Plus, ScoreApp has created the AI quiz builder which will allow you to get your quiz live in less than 3 minutes.

AI Quiz Builder

Everyone is talking about AI and chatGPT right now. There’s no denying how powerful and useful it is when used correctly.

Up until now, building a quiz has been time-consuming and a little complicated, especially if you’re building a quiz for the first time.

The good news is that AI can speed up the process for you and make creating a quiz 10 times faster.

ScoreApp AI software

ScoreApp have recently launched the world’s first AI Quiz Builder.

AI Quiz Software

We have spent months working integrating with chatGPT to allow you to create a fully populated quiz in less than 3 minutes. It will allow you to:

  • Select your type of quiz i.e. Simple scored quiz, advanced scored quiz or personality quiz.
  • Select your industry and it will find relevant questions you can ask
  • It will build you a personalised results page with a call to action
  • It will automatically create dynamic feedback based on how someone scored in the quiz
  • It will even provide copy-and-paste marketing templates that you can use to share your quiz far and wide.

ScoreApp’s AI quiz builder is the only one on the market. No other companies have built an automatic quiz generator like we have.

Lead Generation Quiz using AI

Interact AI tool

Interact doesn’t have an AI quiz builder. It says they are thinking of launching one, but don’t currently offer this.

This means if you want to use AI or ChatGPT then you’ll have to copy and paste over all of your questions one at a time. Then you’ll have to create your landing page as well as a results page.

Who has the best AI Quiz Builder?

ScoreApp wins this round. We are the only quiz software that offer an AI quiz builder which makes it the fastest way to build a quiz..

What data do they provide you with?

You’re probably using a quiz to get more leads, which is great. But the beauty of using a quiz over a lead magnet such as a PDF, is that it provides you with data-rich feedback on every person that takes it. And the data you can gather can be incredibly valuable if you review it regularly and use it.

This data allows you to create super engaging offers and messaging for your leads after completing the quiz. You can turn it into content, use it in sales calls or follow-up email messaging.

Plus data reporting should enable you to tweak the quiz based on how people are interacting with it.

ScoreApp data

Quiz Data on ScoreApp

ScoreApp has in-depth data and reporting that allows you to gain extensive insights into your leads. Some of the information you can pull includes:

  • The overall conversion rate for your quiz
  • Average quiz completion time
  • Which questions have the biggest “drop-off”
  • The overall score performance of each category
  • Individual question scores as pie charts
  • Where the leads have come from

You can see overall scores, category scores, every answer to every question, and geo-locations. You have access to every single response, allowing you to tweak and optimise your quiz and then follow up with all your leads.

Questions and Scores Data

You can even see the perfomance of subcategories within your quiz to find out which area people need support with the most.

Quiz Questions Data

Interact quiz data & reporting

Interact has some basic data reporting that gives you an overview of how people are using the quiz.

Some of the things you can see via Interact reporting are:

  • How many people answered each question
  • How they answered
  • Where they’re dropping off so you can optimize the quiz

You can dive into each individual quiz to see exactly what answers people gave, which is very helpful for follow-up communication.

interact basic data
interact Advanced Data

Which quiz software has the best data?

ScoreApp wins this round.

Getting better data was a big focus when we created ScoreApp. As business owners, you need as much data as you can get from your audience, so you know how you can help them in the future.

How much does it cost?

Of course, we’re not naive enough to think that cost has no place in this conversation, and we know that for many people it’s what the decision will factor down to.

It’s important to remember that while both software helps you create quizzes, we are not comparing like for like in this instance.

So, how much do they both cost?

ScoreApp price

ScoreApp is more expensive than most of the other quiz software on the market but we think it’s with good reason.

ScoreApp’s lowest plan costs $39 per month (£29 in GBP). When paid annually, it’s $390, and this plan includes 100 leads per month coming through the quiz.

ScoreApp Quiz Pricing

The next package up is the “advanced” package, which is $119 per month ($1190 a year) and includes 1,000 responses a month.

We also have ‘pro’ and ‘enterprise’ packages if you have larger organisations, you can find the full pricing here.

Interact price

Interact’s lowest tier ‘lite’ plan starts from $39 per month, but they offer a bigger discount on annual packages so it works out as only $324 for the year. This includes up to 6000 email lead captures a year.

Interact quiz software pricing

The next tier up is ‘growth’ at $89 per month, or $636 if you pay annually.

This makes Interact one of the cheapest quiz software packages available providing you pay for the year upfront.

However, it’s worth remembering that if you build your landing pages using external software (such as LeadPages), then there is a considerable cost associated with this (around $39 per month). So you would have to factor that into your monthly or annual budget.

Who has the cheapest quiz software?

Interact wins this round, although the monthly fee is the same. If you are buying an annual plan you will make a good saving.

However, you may have to factor in additional landing page software for Interact because they don’t have high-quality landing pages, which then makes it the more expensive option.

Quiz results pages

After completing the quiz your prospect should be re-directed to their quiz results page. It allows them to see their personalised results, along with their score and how to improve.

The results page is one of the most important elements of the entire quiz process. It’s how you deliver value to your audience, you don’t want this page to be generic – it needs to be customisable and personalised to the individual taking the quiz.

If you don’t have control of the results page then you might struggle to provide enough value, and while people might complete your quiz, they won’t take further action or convert.

ScoreApp results page

The ScoreApps results pages are dynamic so they can change depending on someone’s answers. And within those pages, you have the ability to change everything to create truly unique and personalised results pages.

Quiz Results Page ScoreApp

Some of the things you can adapt include:

  • Specific feedback based on question categories
  • Your own branding (ie, fonts and colour)
  • Images to make the page look visually appealing
  • Multiple buttons to help convert more leads into sales
  • Videos to tell people about you and your services
  • Bullet lists to explain features and benefits
  • Icons to create visually appealing content

The main benefit of the ScoreApp results page is that you can create ‘quiz categories’. With different categories, you can give your users a score per category rather than just an overall score – so that they can see exactly where they need to improve within each category.

No other quiz software offers this functionality on results pages.

Interact quiz results page

Interact also offers personalised results pages, but your options are limited. You can add a:

  • Headline
  • Extended results description
  • Personal bio
  • Branding
  • Calls to action
Interact Quiz Results Page

This is all useful. However, as with their templates and landing pages, the design options are very restrictive.

Who has the best quiz results page?

ScoreApp wins on this one. ScoreApp offers more dynamic and customisable results pages with a much stronger emphasis on content delivery and personalisation.

Quiz data PDF report?

After your prospects have completed the quiz you should email them a report. It’s usually in the form of a PDF that outlines the results page, as well as gives advice and guidance.

Not all quiz software offers a post-quiz PDF report. This is a handy format as it can be saved, emailed, and printed easily which makes it much more usable.

Does it allow you to go into depth and add value, or is it just a sort summary?

This is your chance to follow up and convert, it’s not just an afterthought but an important part of the quiz journey.

ScoreApp reports and PDF

With ScoreApp’s advanced plan, you can design, build and email a dynamic PDF report within our platform – this allows you to deliver huge value to your leads and lets them print, save and share their results with their team.

PDF Quiz Data Report

Interact report and PDF

Interact does not offer PDF reports as part of their software. This means that once the lead has completed the quiz, they don’t have any way of printing or saving their score.

Who has the option for a PDF download?

ScoreApp wins this round as Interact DO NOT offer a PDF report for your audience, whereas ScoreApp do.

Integrations with other software?

As quizzes are part of your lead-building journey, you need to be able to integrate your quiz tool with your email marketing tools or CRM.

You don’t want to have to manually copy and paste data from your quiz software to other third-party tools. It’s a waste of time and introduces the potential for mistakes to be made.

Having the ability to seamlessly integrate with other software is important, as is the commitment to developing and adding integrations when the need arises to accommodate any new software.

ScoreApp software integrations

ScoreApp is the new kid on the block, so in terms of integrations, we don’t have as many as other platforms. However, we are constantly improving and adding integrations to seamlessly enable it to work alongside other software – a great sign that we are committed to continual development.

ScoreApp Integrations

And at present, we have direct and seamless integrations with some of the most popular CRMs and we also integrate with Zapier which acts as a connector for over 3000 other tools.

  • Insightly
  • Keap
  • Ontraport
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho

Interact software integrations

Interact has been around a little longer, so it has a larger directory of seamless integrations already available.

Interact Integrations

It integrates directly 35 different marketing automation, email marketing, membership and course sites, analytics, and communication software including Slack, Hubspot, and Convertkit (among many others).

Interact or ScoreApp – Who has the most integrations?

Interact is the more established quiz platform so it wins on the integration front, with 35 integrations and counting.

Tech support

Hopefully, you’ll not be plagued by any issues, but just in case it’s vital that you have excellent tech support.

If something goes wrong, or even if you are just struggling to make things work the way you want it’s imperative that you have good and fast customer service to get you back on track.

It could be the difference between you getting the most out of your quiz, and it sitting there unused and wasting money.

ScoreApp tech support

ScoreApp has an extensive, second-to-none support system including a support centre with a library of articles and videos, live chat and a call option too.

Multiple options mean that no matter how you prefer to communicate and get the support you can get it easily and quickly.

ScoreApp Customer Service Reviews

We even have a 97% happiness score on their help centre.

Interact tech support

It’s a little harder to get in touch with Interact, however, they do have an extensive training and resource centre to help you if you struggle to get your quiz to play ball.

Interact Quiz Customer Service

Who has the best customer service?

ScoreApp wins on support options, offering more ways to get help if and when you need it. We recommend signing up for a free trial to figure out which one suits you best

Training and Education

Sometimes you need a little help making the most of your quiz. While it should be easy to get the quiz up and running, you want to ensure it’s a tool that will help successfully attract leads on a consistent basis – and for that, you might need some training.

Some quiz software provides a lot of content, training, and templates to help make your quiz a success. While others let you get on with things yourself (which can make tech support even more important).

ScoreApp education

Despite being the new kid on the block, ScoreApp has extensive training and support available on demand as well as regular live training too.

We have:

  • A super valuable learning centre that organises all the content for you
  • In-depth articles published every week
  • Videos added to YouTube on a regular basis
  • Live webinars/coaching sessions
  • Dozens of checklists, templates and scripts to help your quiz be successful
  • We also have a customer-only Facebook group where you can ask for feedback and support from the community

So, however you like to learn, we’ve got it.

Lead Generation Quiz Course

Interact education

Interact has been around for a while, so they have very extensive learning resources to help you create the best possible quiz.

Interact Quiz Training

They’ve got hundreds of blogs, podcasts, tutorials and a help centre.
Although Interact has more content than ScoreApp, a lot of the articles are shorter and not as in-depth.

Interact Training and Education vs ScoreApp.

It’s a draw. Interact has way more content as they’ve been around for longer than ScoreApp. However, ScoreApp’s content goes into more depth and we do regular live training every single month with our customers.

ScoreApp vs Interact: Which is best for your business?

So, there you have it. We’ve outlined all the important features that you need to consider when choosing the right quiz software for your business.

A quiz can be a powerful tool in driving data-rich leads to your business, but not all quiz software is built the same and it’s a good idea to know what you’re investing in before you choose a quiz tool.

Which quiz tool should you use?

Interact has been around longer, so has more integrations with third-party tools. The price of Interact is the same as ScoreApp, but it works out cheaper if you buy the annual plan. So if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind paying for the year upfront, you can save some money. If you’re more interested in creating a light-hearted quiz, then Interact might be the best option for you.

ScoreApp has a lot more features than Interact, especially for businesses that want to grow and have access to more data. You get everything from beautiful landing pages to personalised, dynamic results. This makes ScoreApp much more suited to business owners. Let’s not forget about a 97% customer support score.

If you want to see a list of the 24 best quiz software, check this article out to help you decide.

At ScoreApp we are also launching a brand new AI quiz builder which means you can build a quiz in less than 3 minutes.

If you think that ScoreApp might be the right choice for you, then you can sign up for a free trial here, and get building a quiz.

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