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Mad growth – Robot Mascot

James Church – Robot Mascot – UK’s Leading Investment Pitching Agency


Robot Mascot helps founders and entrepreneurs raise capital by creating a winning pitch formula that captivates investors.

Within 18 months Robot Mascot has gone from a relatively unknown player in the investment space to the UK’s leading pitch agency and they are accrediting their 500% year on year growth to ScoreApp. 

“It’s mad growth and it’s all down to ScoreApp” – James Church, Co-Founder.

The Challenge

Prior to discovering ScoreApp in the Summer of 2020, Robot Mascot spent much of their marketing efforts focused on building credibility and trust through in person networking events and leveraging their companies blog. Because of their proactive approach they were having lots of fantastic conversations but very few of these were converting into leads for their business. 

Their problem was that people did not understand how to work with them, they were unable to self diagnose their pitch shortcoming and Robot Mascot struggled to communicate their value resulting in missed opportunities.

The Solution

James and his team launched the ‘Pitch Ready Scorecard’ that assesses Founders and Entrepreneurs on their ability to pitch for assessment. 

They look at 3 keys areas; 

  1. Business Plan 
  2. Projections 
  3. Pitch

These areas have formed their scorecard categories with a total of 27 questions that will make up the final score. 

By harnessing the dynamic content functionality on their results page they are able to create the right messaging depending on each persons final score. For those that are their ideal clients they have a very clear CTA where they can speak to someone quickly and effectively.

For those that are not the right client they are able to keep them in their ecosystem by offering a free copy of their book, free helpful resources and links to stay connected through social media. 

In either case, each person has a more personal and customised experience based on the answers they gave. 


Almost every call to action is;


This includes; Facebook & Google Ads, website banner, blog posts, social media, webinar strategy and even in Co-Founder James’s Best Selling Book ‘The Investable Entrepreneur.’

Due to the increase in leads, the team decided to create a second scorecard that would act as a qualifier when booking in an introductory call called the ‘Eligibility assessment’. 

This scorecard has saved them time by making sure that they are only speaking to highly qualified people that are the right fit for their services or at the right stage of the buying process. 

The Results

Within his first 12 months they had increased their revenue by 300% with the Scorecard as the main CTA and lead generator. 18 months later this is now closer to 500%. 

180 leads per month (Roughly 45 leads per week)

The scorecard has an 80% completion rate and they are closing 1 in every 2 sales conversations. 

All while spending less than 10% of revenue on marketing.

” I now convert 1 in every 2 sales calls so our conversation rate is 50% which is bonkers” said Church.

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