Product Updates January ’21

Platform Makeover

To kick off the new year in style we’ve updated the design and layout of the entire platform. Here’s some highlights:

Scorecard View

We’ve have made it easier to switch between scorecards in your back office. You can now see all of your scorecards in one place and clearly see what ones are in draft mode and those that are live.

Account View

If you’re linked to multiple accounts, this added feature will make it easier to see and switch between those accounts.

Pages & PDF Update

We have updated the look and feel of the landing pages, results pages and the PDF lists.

Clone Pages

Last month we added the feature where you can clone your Scorecards and this month we have now added the feature where you can now clone individual pages.

Multiple result pages

You can now have multiple live result pages per lead. This might be useful if you want to show users a simple result page initially, but then email a more in-depth result page.

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