ScoreApp Lead Generation Technology Explained

Identifying potentially valuable clients and cutting through the noise to approach them with a meaningful, relevant offering is the single greatest challenge for many businesses and often the thing that prevents businesses with potential from ever getting into second gear and scaling up.

Lead Generation for businesses

How a business generates interest and leads has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and traditional methods of lead generation no longer work – unwanted cold calls, unopened emails, and unsuccessful appointments. Businesses are placing more focus on digital marketing, but the digital marketplace is cluttered and it’s difficult to stand out, so businesses must find a way to cut through the noise online, find the right target audience, and get them to pay attention by giving them something relevant and interesting. 

Finding new clients is like finding a needle in a haystack. You have a solution that could be incredibly impactful to the right person, but you have to go through a long and costly process to find that person; generating leads, arranging meetings, presenting your offering, and, hopefully, securing their business.

Often you’ll be deep into the proposal process before discovering that they may not be the right client for you anyway. Businesses need a way of filtering prospective clients to find the right people.

Understand your leads better

This is where ScoreApp comes in. ScoreApp is a piece of lead generation technology that does two things really well:

  1. It enables you to get your target audience to pay attention to you and get them to engage with your business so you can start a conversation.
  2. It automatically qualifies prospects for you, letting you know the value of each prospect before you speak with them, meaning you can focus your time speaking to only those that are likely to work with you and are high-value clients

With ScoreApp’s lead generation technology, you create your own scorecard. A Scorecard is an online quiz that gives advice and recommendations. Your prospective clients answer a set of questions you write, and their answers are used to generate an automated report that is tailored based on how they answered. It allows you to give useful advice and recommendations to prospective customers in a completely automated way without you needing to speak with them first. People love taking scorecards because they get to learn some value about themselves or their business.

When someone takes your lead generation quiz, you get to learn all about them. You get all the information they’ve given when answering the questions you set, so you can ask all the questions that qualify a high-value lead for your business and then decide how to follow up with the prospect. 

With ScoreApp, you can find those needles in the haystack clients and engage with them in a powerful and meaningful way. Head over to our homepage to see how this awesome piece of lead generation technology works. We also have an example Scorecard you can take and a demo video that explains how it all works and how to set up a Scorecard for yourself.

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