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Leading with value – Scale Academy

Carolin Soldo – Founder of Scale Academy and Powerhouse Business. Carolin Soldo inc is Ranked #107 in the 2019 Inc. 5000: The Most Successful Growth Companies in America.


Carolin and her team works with service based business owners to scale their companies with ease and elegance.

ScoreApp has become their lead generation tool, positioning them as the expert, with a robust system for generating highly qualified leads. 

“This is an amazing marketing tool for us where we are able to lead with value” – Carolin Soldo, Founder. 

The Challenge

Carolin and her team were looking for a solution that would asses businesses in their ability to scale for 2 key reasons;

  1. Be able to offer a more tailored approach that lead with value 
  2. For more efficiency with the lead generation process

Although highly proficient in generating leads from marketing and ads, the Scale Academy felt the conversion rate would improve with a more end to end automated solution that lead with value first. 

The Solution

By creating ‘The Business Growth Scorecard’ the Growth Academy have been able to assist coaches and businesses by exposing the gaps and offering a solution that’ll save them time, money and boost their revenue.

The leads and prospects that are coming through the Scorecard have a clearer perspective on where they currently are that also gives Carolins team the data to make an impact right away. 

Scale academy scores them using their 6 levers of scale;

  1. Services & programs 
  2. Messaging
  3. Marketing & Lead gen
  4. Process
  5. Teams
  6. Time & systems

And as a bonus they also look at ‘Happiness’. How happy are you in your business? 

By harnessing the data, Scale Academy can follow up with the highest quality leads first while automatically adding those that might not be ready to buy yet into an email nurture campaign. 

An end to end lead strategy that leads with value. 


When going live, Scale Academy strategically created a launch around their Scorecard to generate excitement and interest. For the launch they organised a free LIVE stream and promoted this to their existing email list, created posts on social media and spoke about it during their webinars.  

This generated lots of awareness and gave their existing network another opportunity to explore how to work with them. 

As well as their highly successful launch they also maximise their marketing efforts with both paid and organic marketing to promote their scorecard. 

Carolin creates lots of highly valuable content on YouTube and opts for a clear CTA of ‘Take the Scorecard’. Check it out here:

One of their greatest successes with generating leads has been through paid ads on Facebook. On the ad itself they lead with the messaging ‘Get a complete Business Action Plan in 10 minutes or less’. This prompts those that are interested to click the ad and land on the Scorecard landing page.

TOP TIP – After some testing, Carolin learned that using the same picture on both her ad and her Scorecard landing page actually generated a higher conversion rate. This is because it builds trust and credibility that the ad is not leading to a different website than what was promised. 

The Results 

Over 3000 have completed their scorecard

An average of between 200-400 leads per month. 

4:51 average completion time

20% email opt in rate

20% follow up booking rate 

Resulting in over 6 figures a year in revenue directly linked in their Scorecard!  

” ScoreApp is beautifully done, easy to use and efficient – I am a BIG fan ” – said Carolin

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