How to Promote Your Scorecard Organically

What is organic advertising?

Organic advertising is essentially advertising that costs little to no time and money to create and distribute to an audience of customers or prospects.

For example; this blog post is a part of our website and each post costs nothing but time to create so it’s considered ‘organic’ content. If we then created and put marketing spend behind adverts on Facebook then that would be considered ‘Paid’ advertising.

Why do we need organic traffic?

One of the key components that turns any scorecard into a highly effective lead generation tool is how often it is seen by it’s intended audience. The more eyeballs, the more chance you have of those taking action and completing the quiz. Without promotion your scorecard is unlikely to be found therefore cannibalising its success rate.

What should I do to promote my scorecard?

To make sure you are ticking all the boxes when it comes to organic advertising for your scorecard, we have compiled a list of organic promotion ideas that have been tried and tested by our ScoreApp super users. We understand that creating a scorecard is an investment and by harnessing all the tools and insights available to you and then implementing them as a part of your strategy, you’re setting yourself up for lead generation success.

This article is packed with helpful information on ways to organically promote your Scorecard without having to rely on paid advertising alone. We do however recommend paid ads as a highly successful way to market your Scorecard to a wider audience. We will touch on this with best practices as success stories in future posts.

Email Signature

We can send hundreds of emails every single day and each email signature holds prime marketing real estate.

Here are a few examples of a great signature CTA from Josh Smith of LeadFlow & Darren Finkelstein of Tick Those Boxes;

Email List

A scorecard is another reason to touch base with your email list with a fresh approach. When those on your list take action and start the Scorecard, not only will it deliver nice warm leads but it will provide lots of valuable data back from those that are already in your echo system that can assist with research, decision making and lead follow up.

Social Media

Including your Scorecard as part of your social media strategy is a must for getting in front of the right kinds of people. Although something is better than nothing, it is simply not enough just to add your scorecard to your social media profile and hope for the best. It is said that someone has to see your content or message several times before they choose to take action. To make the most of social media you have to invest in your communities, engage with others and be consistent. The more value you provide the more likely it is that someone will notice you, like you and want to work with you.

Bryony Thomas, the Founder of Watertight Marketing is always ahead of the curve on marketing initiatives and uses her Scorecard has her main CTA on her social media channels;

Phil Calvert has also done a great job of highlighting the importance of his scorecard in his Linkedin featured section;

Along with providing insights about his area of expertise with Start-Ups, Andrew Constable includes the Scorecard CTA on his posts and updates.


Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience in the loop of the latest trends, insights and offers. Those that are registered to your email list could be on the cusp of buying from you. A scorecard will showcase how your expertise can help them solve their specific problem or pain.


There has been a rapid decline in people buying from websites over the past decade but what we do know is that people will still visit a website for additional information and to validate the credibility of a company/person. To make sure you’re not missing the potential to connect with these visitors to your site, adding a call to action with ‘Find out your score’ or ‘Take the quiz’ on your homepage banner will ensure not only will you acquire their email address but a whole host of valuable data.

To note; those that choose to put the Scorecard CTA on their website banner have a far greater conversion rate than those that choose to add it further down the page or somewhere else on the site.

As well as focusing on making important content on social media about mental health in the workplace, TJ Power has included a button that links to his scorecard from his website homepage banner.

Webinar or Live event

If you are already out there running live events online or in-person then asking your engaged audience to proactively take the scorecard is such an amazing way to go from them knowing a lot about you and your business to you getting to know them. Once the event is over you then have a way to continue to stay connected or be able to follow up with the lead more powerfully.

Here are a few ways that our super users will use ScoreApp before, during and after their events in this short video;

A slide taken from the end of one of Phil Calverts webinars;


As the popularity with video content continues to increase, it’s a perfect opportunity to use the viewers attention to ask them to take the quiz. As well as adding the Scorecard link to your description you could also add some video reel or an end screen to spark interest.

Someone who does this exceptionally well is Carolin Soldo. You can watch her reel at the end of her video here on Youtube.


Authors are in a great position from the point of view that someone bought their book or was given it because it’s something they want to learn more about. Asking them to take the quiz will give you a unique opportunity to see the most engaged readers and harness the data to turn those leads into sales.

Akash Vaghela, The Founder of RNT Fitness, has done a fantastic job with generating leads for his business through his book ‘Transform Your Body Transform Your Life’. Inside the book they have given readers an exercise to do where they are encouraged to ‘Take the Scorecard’ to find out where they’re so they can benchmark their progress. They also have included a bookmark to make sure no one misses it.

Here is the extract from Akash’s book;

And a bookmark that gets sent out with each copy;

Blog & Articles

If you are consistent with creating regular posts, articles and blogs then this becomes a huge opportunity to introduce people to your brand in a fun and engaging way.

Someone who does this well is Mildred Talabi who adds her Scorecard about ‘Discovering your Linkedin Visibility Score’ to the end of each blog post and article that she creates.


Have a podcast? Guesting on a podcast? Engage your audience by asking them to find out their score. Like the video example above you can highlight the scorecard in the description and also talk about the value of the quiz pre, during and post each episode. When people are listening they often have their hands free.

Top tip – create a LIVE Scorecard Launch :rocket:

Creating excitement and intrigue around your Scorecard with a live launch will catapult its success. Positioned in the right way by emphasising the key benefits and the value it’s going to bring to them, those in your network will be primed to take it. We have seen businesses launch their scorecard with guest speakers on live’s, giveaways in the countdown and creating lots of content in the build up. By orchestrating traction you’re putting your scorecard in a desirable position that will be irresistible to potential customers. No one likes FOMO.

Ask yourself, am I using all of these organic initiatives to market my scorecard? Use the checklist below to increase your scorecard’s organic reach and visibility.

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