Product Updates July ’21

This month we’re very excited to share some big updates to the platform as a whole :tada:  This is our biggest update since going live in 2020 and it’s going to make ScoreApp scorecards even better than before.

All New Landing Pages

Now when you add a new landing page you will see a completely new set of templates. With 7 beautifully designed templates ready to go and also the ability to start without a template but thats not all, read on…

Shared Page Sections

Whether you start with or without a template you can now customise your pages with any of the available sections. We’ve launched with 40 brand new beautifully designed sections covering Banners, Forms, Call to actions, Testimonials, Categories and more.

New Result Pages

In the same vein as the new landing pages, result pages are also now hugely more customisable. We’ve launched with 5 different example layouts however all of the 40 landing page sections can also be used on your result pages meaning you have 50 sections to choose from. On top of this, all of the sections can have dynamic content enabled meaning you can easily deliver for example different CTA sections based on how people score.

New Result Sections

As well as being able to use the 40 different landing page sections on your result pages, there are 10 freshly designed sections specifically for displaying your results including various different types of charts, and sections more suited to delivering long form content.

Individual / Personality Outcome

Included in the new result sections but worthy of a special mention is the new individual outcome section. This allows you to present you a single outcome based on highest or lowest scoring category. Perfect for a personality type quiz where your lead comes out as a specific type.

Improved Question Design

We’ve even revamped how questions appear and provided more options to customise colours and position etc. Whether you have long multiple choice answers, or a slider from 0 – 1000 your questions will just automatically look great across all screen sizes and devices.

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