How to get more quiz leads for free (even if you have a tiny audience!)

Grow Quiz Audience

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve launched your quiz and shared it on social media only to find that not many people have taken part.

If that’s you, please know that you’re not alone.

If you don’t currently have a big email list, social media following, or lots of website traffic, then it can be difficult to get people to fill in your quiz.

The first place many business owners turn to increase their quiz leads is advertising, such as Facebook ads or Google ads.

This is a great way to increase your quiz leads fast, but obviously, you’ll need a budget for this.

In this article, we want to tell you what you can do RIGHT NOW for free that will skyrocket your quiz leads.

Should you set up a quiz if you haven’t yet grown an audience?

First things first, you might wonder if you should invest in quiz software right now before you’ve grown your audience.

Build Quiz with No Audience

The short answer is yes.

You have to think of a quiz as a lead generation tool, it’s what will attract people to your business and help you increase your leads.

Without a lead magnet, you’ve no way of growing your email list. People won’t just sign up to your list for the fun of it. You have to give them an incentive!

So your only goal now is getting your quiz in front of as many ideal customers as possible. But once you do that, having a quiz lead magnet is the best way to attract leads.

Short-term vs long-term quiz lead strategy

You can increase quiz leads organically by investing in strategies such as content marketing, SEO or social media marketing.

However, these are typically longer-term strategies, as they take some time to see results. Yes, the time it takes can vary, but it’s safe to say that they’re not instant (not unless you get lucky).

You should always invest in some form of longer-term marketing for your quiz (and business, too, for that matter), but in the meantime, how do you get more quiz leads?
Is there a short-term lead generation strategy that gets you results fast and doesn’t cost too much?

Yes. There is. In this article, we’re going to go through the ways you can get more quiz leads and fast!
How to get quiz leads fast and for free?

You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve created a compelling quiz that will help you convert visitors into leads. All you have to do now is get yourself in front of more people! And here are four ways you can do it for free.

1. Appear on podcasts and share your expertise

Getting interviewed on podcasts that serve a similar audience is a highly effective way to promote your quiz to lots of people.

Podcast Guest Quiz Growth

Most podcasts allow their guests to share their story, what they do and what services they offer. This means you often have 30-60 minutes (depending on the episode length) to deliver value to hundreds or thousands of people and talk about yourself and your business.

Often, you’ll have the opportunity on a podcast to promote a free gift or resource that further helps the listeners. This is the PERFECT place to mention your quiz or assessment tool!

How to become a podcast guest

If you are new to podcasting, then you’ll need to reach out and “pitch” yourself to the podcast host and tell them why they should have you on the show.

Your podcast pitch should show that you’re going to provide tons of value to their listeners.

When doing this, make sure you…

  • Show that you’ve actually listened to their podcast and say what you like about it (the more personal your pitch, the better)
  • Mention the topics you could cover (and make sure they haven’t covered them recently)
  • Give links to other podcasts you’ve appeared on to add credibility (if you have them)

We found a fantastic podcast guest outreach template to help you pitch podcast hosts. This includes a step-by-step process and even an email script too.

2. Speak at events and conferences

Speaking on stage at events is another way to promote your quiz for free, as at the end of the talk, you’re usually welcome to promote a freebie. Much like the podcast, speaking on stage gives you instant credibility and allows you to build trust with a new audience.

Public Speaking at Events

How to get speaking opportunities

If you haven’t done any speaking before, then think about where you can start. Are there local business networking events or communities you can speak at?

Also, a lot of conferences will invite guests to speak at their events, so make sure you bookmark those websites and check them regularly for when they open up to request speakers!

When doing this, make sure you…

  • Find the right conferences where your audience actually hang out (not your competition!)
  • Take your time to fill out the speaker request form fully – yes, it’s not the most fun task, but going the extra mile can help you stand out!
  • Look at past events and talks and opportunities for something new you can add to the conversation. Is there a particular topic or angle someone hasn’t covered before
  • Start by pitching to events you’ve attended previously! This always helps as you can say what you loved about it last time, and it shows that you care.

Fancy an email template to help you reach out to events and conferences to speak at?

As we said before, often you’ll be asked to fill in a form to speak. But sometimes, you can pitch to an event organiser without doing this (if they don’t have this system in place).

So here’s a sample email you can use…

“Hi ,

My name is ______, and I attended your last event in [state when this was]. (If you haven’t attended before, please just leave this out!)

I very much enjoyed [name a specific thing you enjoyed about the event]. Thanks so much for putting it together!

I would really love to speak at your next event about [insert your topic]. I know this is something your audience struggles with, and I think I can add a unique perspective.

Please see below some links to my previous speaking experience…

Link one
Link two
Link three

I have experience in this area because [insert what experience you have about the topic you’d like to speak about].

Of course, if you feel there is a more appropriate topic for me to speak about, then please let me know!

Many thanks”

3. Offer something of value in exchange for promotion

Is there anyone in your network that could promote your quiz to their audience?

One of the most effective ways to reach a new audience is to find someone who already has a following.

Quiz Partners

For example, perhaps your business coach has a strong social media following or a large email list, could you ask them to promote your quiz in exchange for something of value?

  • A video testimonial from you (if you’ve worked with them before)
  • A free coaching call where you can share your knowledge with them
  • A free critique or audit to help them fix certain areas of their business

You’d be surprised at just how open some people are to this kind of value exchange.

So think about who in your network can help you out here and what you can offer in exchange to sweeten the deal.

Fancy a sample email to help you reach out to your network?

Here’s an email you can send to people within your network to ask them to share your quiz with their audience.

“Hi ,

I recently launched a quiz for my business, which helps [insert your industry/target market] understand how they can [insert benefit someone gets from taking your quiz].

I’ve spent a lot of time creating this quiz, making sure it provides a ton of value for [insert your industry/target market].

Would you be open to sharing this quiz with your audience? I know it will be incredibly helpful for them. And, I would be more than happy to [insert what you can do in exchange].

Just let me know if this sounds good to you? And I’ll send you the quiz landing page and a sample email/social media post you can simply copy and paste!

Many thanks”

4. Connect with the community owners that help your ideal customers

There are a ton of free and paid membership communities out there that probably help the same customers as you do.

Quiz Community

All you have to do is find them and try to add as much value as possible. You can do this simply by searching on Google, for example, ‘membership communities for XYZ industry’. Or even look for free communities on Facebook (although this is hit and miss, some are good, and some aren’t!)

You’re probably aware of some communities already in your industry. Perhaps you’re even part of some yourself right now? If you are, this makes the next part much easier!

All you need to do, is approach the owner of the community and ask if you can help their members by providing something extremely valuable. For example, you could offer to run a free webinar or workshop for their members.

When doing this, you need to make your offering:

  • Highly actionable and helpful for their audience
  • Something their audience is really struggling with
  • Something that perhaps the membership owner doesn’t have experience in and will value your input
  • Easy! Make sure you make it easy for the busy membership site owner. Provide promotional materials or even workbooks their members can use throughout the webinar.
  • You mention your quiz in the webinar and promote it at the end.

Fancy a sample email to help you reach out to communities that help your target audience?

Here’s an email you can send to membership community owners to help you get in front of their audience.

“Hey ,

My name is ________, and I help [insert your target industry and how you help them]

I’ve noticed your [insert the name of their community], and I would absolutely love to help your members solve [name a specific problem for their members].

I would like to run a masterclass/webinar/workshop for your members that will help them:

[Name one specific thing the members will learn]
[Name one specific thing the members will learn]
[Name one specific thing the members will learn]

This will be a highly actionable (no fluff or sales!) masterclass/webinar/workshop. I’ll provide the promotional copy, imagery and a workbook too.

All you have to do is share it, and I’ll do the rest!

I’ve also included a testimonial from a masterclass/webinar/workshop that I’ve ran recently…

Many thanks”

It does help if you are already part of these communities too. There are many free ones you can join, and there are also a lot of low-cost memberships as well (that are well worth joining if that’s where your target audience hangs out!)

Before you do this, make sure your quiz is right!

Before you invest time in promoting your quiz to new audiences, make sure your landing page, quiz copy and follow-up emails are clear, compelling and value-led.

The best way to do that is by using quiz software like ScoreApp, which comes with beautiful landing page designs, fill-in-the-blank templates and dynamic results pages (that change depending on how your participant scores in the quiz).

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’ve just launched your quiz, and you don’t have a humongous following. But these are some great ways to get your quiz out there fast and for free!

If you want some more ways to promote your quiz, check out our article on the simple ways to launch your quiz lead magnet.

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