Product Updates September ’20

Free Images & Icons

When creating landing pages in ScoreApp you can now easily choose from a huge library of free Images & Icons.

There are –
– 2.1 million free images!
– 4 million free icons!

Background Colours

You can now change the background colour on almost every section on your landing pages and results pages. And if the section includes a button then the button colour is easily changed there too. If the page body text colour is dark but a dark background colour is used on a section we automatically flip the text colour to white. This helps to give you more control of the look and feel of your Scorecard.


The referral system is live. Right now we’re offering you 15% commission and your referral will get a 14 day free trial automatically applied during registration. If you like the product, please share it with your friends and earn commissions in return.

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